Introduced to lớn Vietphái mạnh in 2012, street workout has been widely practiced by many youngsters. Bar Brothers Team in Hanoi & Saigon Calisthenics in Ho Chi Minh City are ahy vọng the first groups to lớn vì the sport. So far, several teams in many localities nationwide have been established và connected lớn nói qua technical và practical experience.

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Street workout incurs little expense as no training equipment is required and practitioners can take advantage of public exercise facilities in outdoor parks like horizontal bars or parallel bars. It can be performed almost anywhere.In Ho Chi Minch City, youngsters often choose public places lượt thích Hoang Van Thu Park (Tan Binc District), Phu Tho Sport Complex (District 11), September 23 Park (District 1), Phuoc Binh Park (District 9), Binch Phu Park (District 6) và Ton Duc Thang University (District 7) khổng lồ practice street workout.Unlike gyms which focus on muscle building with a lot of equipment, street workout uses the strength of joints, muscles và toàn thân weight in performing. Practitioners can practice on their own or in groups to have better support.
A street workout team practises at Hoang Van Thu Park in Tan Binc District.Practitioners can perform alone or in group.Strengthening the arms.A girl practises with an available horizontal bar in the park.Building the strength of the arms with rings.Keeping balance on his hands.

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A team practice.Combining body fold and handstand inkhổng lồ a unique hold.Teammates Duong Dao Thoai phong và Pmê man Thi Thu Mai practise in Binch Phu Park in District 6.Street workout attracts many girls to lớn practise và persize.A performance of Pham mê Thi Thu Mai và Minch Minch.Street workout practitioners can have a fit, flexible body toàn thân with resilience và tenathành phố.

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21-year-old Nguyen Hoan Vu, member of the street workout team in Hoang Van Thu Park, said, “I practice it because I want lớn improve sầu my physical condition & figure as I suffered from malnutrition when I was small. After a year practising, I am now confident in my health and fitness”.His team has about trăng tròn members who practice daily. 39-year-old Nong Binc Phuong, the oldest thành viên, acknowledged that he shed 6 kilos after practising for a year and now he felt healthy and agile unlike in the past.Practitioners often find guidance for their practice from the Internet as well as from each other. Sometimes practitioners can create new holds & movements themselves. Movements with technical difficulties require diligent practice and a particular capability to lớn conduct.22-year-old Pmê say Thi Thu Mai, a female member in the street workout team in Binch Phu Park, has combined movements of yoga into lớn street workout. Therefore, she has unique exercises with tough và tenacious, but smooth và deft movements.In addition to lớn doing it alone, competitions ahy vọng street workout teams are held annually. There are often two categories of competitions: group performance và solo rivalry. Resilience, beautiful holds & technique are the main criteria to lớn assess practitioners. These competitions are also opportunities for practitioners lớn learn from each other và khung a firm connection in their circle.Realising the advantages of street workout, 23-year-old Nguyen Dang Anh Duy intends khổng lồ introduce it và guide his colleagues in practicing. He said that flexing muscles a little after a hard day at work can help regain the energy and release găng.
Story: Son Nghia – Photos: Nguyen Luan

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