Here's why min min is trending on twitter

Social truyền thông is full of speculation after Nintendo announced that an ARMS fighter will be appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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For anyone who woke up curious as to why the noodle-armed Chinese martial artist Min Min from ARMS was trending on Twitter, not lớn worry — the answer is simple. During a surprise "mini" Nintenvị Direct released this morning it was revealed that the first fighter in the second wave of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC will be a representative from the 2017 Switch fighting game, và many believe Min Min is a prime candidate.

The seemingly most obvious choice for an ARMS representative sầu in Smash Bros.

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would be one of its two box-art characters, Spring Man or Ribbon Girl. However Spring Man is already in Ultimate as an Assist Trophy, and Ribbon Girl is a costume available for Mii Brawler. While there are plenty of fighters who have sầu Mii costumes despite being a playable character in their own right, it makes sense khổng lồ focus the lens of possibility elsewhere.

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Min Min is not the only character circulating social media, as Twintelle and ARMS DLC fighters like Lola Pop are also making the rounds in Twitter"s gaming trends. Yet the Ramen-wielding girl has become a fan-favorite character in the game"s kooky roster, and won the game"s final Party Crash Bash event in June 2019, so it would make sense for her lớn be the new fighter.

The new fighter will be releasing in June according to lớn the Direct. During the video clip, it said developers needed to lớn "stretch" out development time, and this long gestation period might have something lớn vì chưng with the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month Masahiro Sakurai claimed the virus has affected Smash DLC development, & said production might come to a complete halt if anyone working on the game contracts coronavirus.

Three years after its release ARMS has stopped receiving content, so the announcement of a representative coming khổng lồ Smash was interesting, khổng lồ say the least. At this point, it"s hard lớn tell whether Nintendo just wants to lớn give one of their newest IPs more love sầu, or if there will be some kind of tie-in announcement like how Byleth was introduced alongside the Cindered Shadows DLC in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Whether or not Min Min is the character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is unknown, no matter what folks online might be speculating. However ARMS is full of characters with creative sầu designs & quirks, so whoever gets in will undoubtedly be a fun, interesting addition khổng lồ the fighting game"s roster.

ARMS is available now on the Nintenbởi vì Switch.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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