ZM3 - Fatal Canyon Within the core of a canyon, a military base has been infiltrated by blood-thirsty zombies guided by a barbaric, relentless overlord. A select few of the military"s top mercenaries have taken fate inkhổng lồ their own hands. They must coordinate together and destroy the lethal outbreak, confined within the canyon. If they don"t, a national epidemic will doom humanity once và for all. Fatal Canyon is made up of 3 Missions, play the 3rd mission by unlocking "Expert" or higher difficulty. Additional ZM3 changes include:

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Extra PVE Level Cap Added Vital Type Critical, Mechanical Critical và Humanoid Critical character attributes (Unloông chồng by upgrading the affiliated attribute type to 6) ​Added Grenade Gun, Induction Rocket và Attachồng Drone defense items



Powered Fist Anaconda-Fast Draw-FW M14EBR-Fatal Wasp CETME Ameli-Fatal Wasp P90-Wildshot-FW (Unlock by obtaining weapon pieces or opening Fatal Canon special boxes) AWM-Longbill (Unlock by obtaining weapon pieces or opening Fatal Canon special boxes)

Snake Ring - Accessory ItemUnique Effect: HPhường + Ammo HUD
This effect displays a HPhường và Ammo Gauge next khổng lồ your Crosshair HPhường is displayed on the left in Green Ammo count is displayed on the right in Yellow This effect is available for Primary và Secondary weapons Gold Dragon and Snake accessory thành quả effects can stack!  


Enhanced visual effects while winning items Aukhổng lồ Spin amount can be adjusted (type the amount or select the arrow keys) Re-purchase crate option has been added after spinning all available crates Added filters for items that can and cannot be dismantled (see "Items won" tab)

SR25-Burning ShotBased on the SR25, which has excellent semi-automatic fire và stability & accuracy, this weapon is equipped with a dot site on the top of the scope & a silencer for versatility and power.  Selecting "1" will switch lớn a powerful grenade launcher in Zombie Mode. 100% No Scope accuracy and crosshair is available in Zombie Mode
  SR25-Burning Shot 9A91-Ultimate Goldsmith Hearts Crate  FN TPS-Hearts AK-103-Hearts Zastava M21-Hearts ZM Special Crate  SR25-Burning Shot M240B-Tesla AA-12 Buster P90-Wild Shot

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* Improved Item Frame assets* Various texture changes lớn better represent penetrable objects* Improvements to Ranked MM Server logic* Added Black market improvements (see above sầu for details)* Repair functionality removed from Noble Set weapons 
*Bug fixes * -Fixed an issue that allowed players to lớn glitch inlớn various locations on the Map Downtown-Fixed an issue that caused ZM3 Weapons khổng lồ persist after players leave sầu the match (This issue should also fix defense weapons from appearing outside of ZM3 games)-Fixed an issue that caused players khổng lồ receive a client error if they jumped onlớn various ZM3 bosses while in slow-motion-Fixed an issue that caused the AUG A1-Red Dragon to appear incorrectly in the MPhường. Shop-Fixed an issue that allowed players khổng lồ glitch inlớn a box in the "Warehouse A Square" Area on the maps Rooftops-Fixed an issue that allowed players khổng lồ glitch onlớn the Coffee Shop sign on the bản đồ Rooftops-Fixed an issue that allowed players to glitch into lớn a box in the "Cloông chồng Tower Courtyard" area on the bản đồ Rooftops-Fixed an issue that caused player"s ZM3 PVE màn chơi lớn appear as "0"-Fixed an issue that caused ZM3 to lớn be missing information tabs in Channel view-Fixed an issue that caused the Barrett Obsidian Beast"s "Broader View" effect to lớn remain active when users set the effect to lớn Disabled-Fixed untranslated text on the maps Stronghold-Fixed a typo on the Crate Coupon exchange window-Fixed an issue that allowed the exp& coupon button lớn be accessible-Fixed a typo on the Golden Peony weapon collection Name Card
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