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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have been waiting a long time for Valve to move the beloved first-person shooter to the fabled Source 2 engine, & it turns out that the game"s models & textures might hold some hints on their progress.

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When Valve started remaking the game’s classic maps several years ago, it suddenly shifted the way it named CSGO’s textures inlớn a naming format used by Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx, seemingly lớn make it easier to import them into lớn the Source 2 engine. brought several of CSGO’s assets into the engine, where it proceeded to import & render them almost automatically.


CSGO"s textures are ready for Source 2

Source 2 Worksiêu thị tools released soon after Half-Life: Alyx last year include a way lớn import older models, textures, và maps into lớn the engine. trò chơi textures are usually more than one image, with each Mã Sản Phẩm having a different image that gives them 3D effects, different colors, metallic shines, & shaders.

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Prior lớn Valve’s release of the remade Dust 2, these textures had names that didn’t always line up with one another. Some ended in letters while others ended in numbers, và it was hard khổng lồ tell which one of the files was a texture, a material, a normal bản đồ, or any of a model’s number of other options.


In December 2018, Valve sầu unveiled the Danger Zone battle royale game mode to CSGO’s player base, but the real story was behind the scenes. Every prop that shipped with Danger Zone follows Source 2’s naming format as seen in both Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx. Valve sầu has continued to lớn vì this with new nội dung, with all of the game’s high-resolution textures included with Nuke, Dust 2, Vertigo, and every texture included in Operation Broken Fang also follo10kiem.vng Source 2’s naming rules.

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As always, it’s unclear when CSGO will make the full move sầu to lớn Source 2, but CSGO fans finally have sầu something concrete to get excited about instead of just rumors and speculation.

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