Bluestacks vs droid4x

BlueStacks và Droid4X are the two leading android emulators on PCs và laptops today. Today, wrote this article lớn compare the ability khổng lồ handle applications on these two simulations lớn help you evaluate which software is the best.

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Android emulator for playing games on the computer has quite a lot of software such as Andy, Windoy, Nox tiện ích Player, KoPlayer but perhaps the most popular is still Bluestacks, Droid4x, Nox phầm mềm Player also has many interesting features but there are Perhaps not comparable with Bluestacks because Bluestacks currently has hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

In Vietnam, gamers still prefer Droid4x and Bluestacks, both emulators are rated fast, powerful, smoothest in PC emulation software. So, for users to easily choose a long-term emulator to play games, install applications to replace smartphones, then also see the reviews below, to lớn compare the capabilities of these two emulators.

Part 1. General assessment:

1. Compare the RAM capacity of the two emulators on the PC

We can see Droid4X consumes more RAM than Bluestacks

It can be seen that the US giải pháp công nghệ corporation launching version 2 of Bluestacks at this time has created a counterweight to Droid4X. However, the distance between the two emulators is only 50MB of RAM.

Droid4X takes about 250MB of RAM when booting


Bluestacks when starting each tiện ích will have a separate Image Name. The total capacity of both is about 200MB of RAM.

2. Boot speed

Regarding the boot speed, according to lớn the thử nghiệm on 2GB RAM PC, the boot speed of Bluestacks faster much more than Droid4x, that’s even more evident in BlueStacks 2.

3. Experience

Droid4x installer is more compact, but when used again take up more resources BlueStacks, Droid4x also have the disadvantage of not supporting many games và applications, users have difficulty when this software requires a complicated vga Card.

The old version of BlueStacks made users feel that the computer was slow, but the version of BlueStacks 2 was significantly improved.

Part 2. Actual comparison

Join lớn find out some of the top di động Online games today, to see which gamers recommend using app android emulators lớn play games

1. 3 chiều games Perfect world is a trò chơi with beautiful 3 chiều graphics & sophisticated sound techniques to lớn help players immerse themselves in the characters in a real way.

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2. Game Ghost god KOK 3D

God Ma KOK is a di động game with top chất lượng 3D graphics, the game is “captivating” fans at home and abroad, especially the smartphone game community in Vietnam.


Many gamers when playing Than Ma Kok on BlueStacks All feel satisfied with the quality. No jerk lag, picture, sound are smooth. Using Bandicam khổng lồ record đoạn clip games is the best thing.

3. Mobile trò chơi MU Origin

Immediately after launch, the game Mu Origin was installed & used by gamers on 2 emulation software, BlueStacks and Droid4x. Many gamers said that emulating Mu Origin on BlueStacks brings a better experience than the rest of the software


The installation tốc độ on BlueStacks is very fast, with a stable mạng internet connection, you can immerse yourself in the game servers in minutes.

4. HOT thiết bị di động games: Crouching Tiger Tang Long

Crouching Tiger, Hidden long was introduced to a large number of gamers around the world & has created a huge buzz. Therefore, the biggest concern for gamers is to play Crouching Tiger on which emulator software to lớn experience the best.


Once again BlueStacks showed its ability when users play Crouching Tiger Hidden rồng quite smoothly. Fast installation speed, attractive picture và sound

5. Trò chơi Tian Long bố Bu

Rated as a good game, players can completely play on the computer by emulating app android with both BlueStacks and Droid4x software. However, according khổng lồ some players, playing Tian Long ba Bu on computers with BlueStacks is smoother.

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8. Trò chơi Legendary campaign:

Back khổng lồ the legendary War Machine game, but chiến dịch Legend also proved that his attraction is not thanks to the shadow of the legendary Fighter. Users should play Legendary campaign on BlueStacks to lớn experience the best, in addition we also tested the Legendary campaign game with Nox app Player software, it also gave quite good results.

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From the above reviews, you have probably chosen for yourself a desired simulation, right. Another thing worth noting when using these emulators is that your computer must have at least 2GB of RAM khổng lồ use well, because these emulators have the common drawback of consuming RAM. Khổng lồ make good use of these emulators you should also use the way speed up Windows. However, if you have used emulators to lớn play games, you should not enable any more applications.

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