Counter-Strike: Source blends Counter-Strike"s award-winning teamplay kích hoạt with the advanced technology of Source technology. Featuring state of the art graphics, all new sounds, và introducing physics, Counter-Strike: Source is a must-have for every action gamer.Game updates since mid 2010 are done by Hidden Path Entertainment.

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cs_thunder from cs 1.12hours agoMultiplayer maps

Thunder - Hostage rescue (from Counter-Strike 1.1) by Chris Auty (Barney) Texture builds by J0esm0e



cs_arabstreets11hours agoMultiplayer maps

cs_ArabStreets was an official hostage rescue maps featured in the Counter-Strike beta và it made its last appearance in Counter-Strike 1.0.


CS Source All Weapons TeamJan 15 2022GUIs

A simple tệp tin that adds all the weapons for Counter Terrorist và Terrorists.

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Source Offensive Definitive PlayerModel Update <0.11+>Nov 1 2021Players model 2 comments

Small Playermodel Pack, aiming khổng lồ replace old playermodels with new, made closely like Valve would"ve implemented it. Works on 0.11 version of the mod.

Blood_Wraith"s Random Source maps CompilationOct 3 2021Singleplayer maps

An assortment of Source maps I"ve made over the years. (Half-Life 2 / Garry"s Mod, Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead 2, Alien Swarm...

Rock"s skin showroom pack for csso 0.10.0Jan 30 2022Skin Pack 10 comments

Just vì chưng itThe new skin packHave fun22年我得备考考研了,如果有时间我会想办法更新的,谢谢理解

Tactical AK47 Reanimation (CSS Port)Aug 19 2021Weapons mã sản phẩm

ported version of my reanim for css. Nothing special.

Tatara Kogasa‘s ’skin địa chỉ pack for csso 9.5.0Jul 15 2021Skin Pack 11 comments

NEW skin(leatest skin included)lightfix for fiveseven và p250 addeddeagle nolonger over-lightedenjoy

p250-plasmaApr 21 2021Weapons Skin 1 bình luận

just a skin for p250, my first one actually. Not greatest but i like it

Tatara Kogasa’s Knife pack for csso updateNov 5 2021Skin Pack 13 comments

As you can see,Alpha does a lot for weapons"s reflection,so after alpha fix for firearms,here comes alpha fix for Knifes too Yes about 19 new knife skins...

Rock"s skin địa chỉ pack for csso 9.2.0Mar 30 2021Skin Pack 19 comments

More skin và light phong fix to make your skin pack closer to CS:GO style!Fixed 900+texture,big update!

Makarov PistolMar 6 2021Weapons Skin 1 phản hồi

The Makarov pistol or PM is a Soviet semi-automatic pistol. Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarov, it became the Soviet Union"s...

Rock"s skin địa chỉ cửa hàng pack for cssoMar 3 2021Skin Pack 2 comments

Yes here is stickers, ONLY Stickers!ONLY stickers here!You need model pack lớn use this125 CS:GO Stickers & 27 touhou stickers.

Rock"s skin showroom pack for csso 9.0.1Mar 7 2021Skin Pack 11 comments

I"d found that there haven"t much people use stickers so i make them path,at the same time i"m able to lớn update them one by one So this pack nolonger followed...

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Rock"s skin địa chỉ cửa hàng pack for csso model updateApr 19 2021Models Pack 7 comments

What we have here is a new pack for filesWeapons are now all added sticker-model,which means you can now see all weapon with stickers on it

Rock"s skin địa chỉ pack for csso Knife updateJul 26 2021Skin Pack 4 comments

Less space used,and knife skin to lớn make it better for csso 0.6

Rock"s Gloves pack for cssoUpdateMar 30 2021Skin Pack 14 comments

This pack give you a chance khổng lồ use all Gloves(skin) from CS:GOPlz read Description!Plz read Description!Password is in the last line of Description

Rock"s skin showroom pack for csso 9.0.0 Path1Feb 23 2021Weapons Skin 16 comments

Hi there, After a long year of work,this skin pack has now includeed all skins from csgo 1570+skins For skins are too much to carry in one tệp tin so i made...

Rock"s skin pack9.0.0( kinfe part)Feb 23 2021Weapons Skin 6 comments

Knife skin files are large & few update has been made,so i"d make them path

Rock"s Stickers mã sản phẩm packFeb 23 2021Weapons model 3 comments

You don"t need this path if you don"t want stickers.

tdm_fullauto 1.5Mar 18 2021Multiplayer maps

"A team deathmatch bản đồ with multiple ways lớn engage the enemy.. Airsoft Style!"

GIGN with trắng helmetOct 7 2020Players model

This something I made in only a few minutes.The texture is based of the riot police of my country.

CSGO Operation Shatered web SEAL Team 6 agents updateMar 16 2020Players model

The CSGO update specifically alters 3rd Commando Company "Two Times" McCoy và the unnamed Seal Team 6 Soldier. The development team said that they had...

cs sonicschoolhouseFeb 29 2020Multiplayer bản đồ 1 phản hồi

"Hi there, I"m Sonic the Hedgehog! Your going khổng lồ play in my schoolhouse!"

aim_dev_usp1vs1Jan 11 2020Multiplayer maps

Hi! I"m Wolfen. This is my first bản đồ called:aim_dev_usp1vs1. Have fun! HOW khổng lồ INSTALL: Paste .bsp file to:cstrike/maps. (C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/counter-strike...

dust2, but with breakable doors/fake DMM DemoDec 21 2019Multiplayer maps 2 comments

Dust2, but you can break down the doors, to kiểm tra the potential of breakable stuff in source.

CSGO Operation Shattered web SAS agentsDec 15 2019Players model 1 bình luận

Highly classified và incredibly lethal, Officers in the SAS spend years sharpening their skills through infiltration, hostage rescue, và —REDACTED—...

CSGO Operation Shattered website FBI agentsDec 15 2019Players Skin

The FBI"s Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 và is trained khổng lồ rescue allies held by hostile force. Their motto is "Servare Vitas" (To Save Lives).

CSGO Operation Shatered web SEAL Team 6 agentsDec 15 2019Players Skin

Combat ready and hungry for wins. Seal Team 6 soldiers know how khổng lồ get the job done.

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