Dragon shiryu

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Limited edition: 1200 pieces. Shiryu, Bronze Saint of the Dragon, from Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac franchise. Including one Dragon Shiryu"s statue, the dragons from the attachồng 100 rising dragons (Rôzan Hyaku Ryû Ha in Japanese), the base, its luxury packaging & the limited and numbered metal plate.

Scale : 1/6


Shiryu is the most collected Bronze Saint and maybe the one who loves justice the most. He will not hesitate to sacrifice himself khổng lồ protect his comrades. Of course, he can fight his own battles with powerful techniques he"s been taught by his master, Dohko the Gold Saint of Libra. We decided to mix Shiryu while throwing his strongest move, 100 Rising Dragons(廬山百龍覇 or Rozan Hyaku ryû ha in Japanese), which he uses khổng lồ defeat 3 Specters of Hades: Basilisk Sylphid, Minotauros Gordon and Alraune Queen.

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Both his arms stretched forward, standing firmly while his hair are moved by the strength of his attaông xã, Shiryu is growing his cosmo khổng lồ its maximum. His incredible will throws one hundred dragons to the enemy. The main challenge while sculpting Shiryu was khổng lồ keep the same energy & dynamism you can feel as in the original art. The pose has been thoroughly worked on so it would be both anatomically correct & accurate from a Saint Seiya specific style point of view.

Shiryu wears his gorgeous v3 cloth full of metallic reflections & precise gradients. His body has a lot of details lượt thích the blood on his forehead or the bandages on his arms.His stare conveys his conviction and his will khổng lồ protect his friends as they are heading khổng lồ Elysium.

The base

Shiryu"s base is a set-up of his 100 rising dragons attaông chồng. It mimics a floor broken by the violence of the attachồng. Blue waves of cosmo energy are made in translucent resin & 12 dragons spring all around him just as they bởi vì in the manga or the anime show. Composition of the base & placement of the dragons was a very precise job. The goal was to lớn emphakích cỡ the movement and the magnitude of the attaông xã while keeping some space so your eyes can lay on the numerous details of this incredible statue.

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On every cấp độ, Dragon Shiryu HQS by Tsume is a one of a kind statue. You can appreciate it on every angles & there are a lot of details to discover every day… its 1/6th scale gives her some cachet và the overall artistic and technical design makes it one of our most ambitious works ever!

All our products are collectible statues, not toys, they are for people aged 14 & older. All parts are manufactured in limited edition. The statues offered for sale are those presented on the trang web of the TSUME LTD. within the limit of available stocks. Descriptions, information & photographs presenting the figures are the most accurate reproduction possible, but are for illustrative sầu purposes và have no contractual value. In an effort to lớn constantly improve sầu the unique of its products, the TSUME LTD. may have lớn have lớn change the patterns of its products.

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