Last year, Seiko announced an entire re-vamp of their much-loved Seiko 5 line up. An entry-cấp độ staple and certainly a 101 class in mechanical watch ownership, the Seiko 5 had long represented a cornerstone in the foundation of Seiko’s enthusiast-focused offerings. But, as nothing lasts forever, in announcing the new Seiko 5, Seiko ended the lifecycle of all of the older models & began a new chapter in the Seiko 5"s impressive sầu history. 

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Interestingly enough, this is not the only enthusiast icon that Seiko recently sent lớn live sầu on a farm in the countryside. What first was a rumor on the forums later became known more widely: Seiko is discontinuing the production of the legitimately iconic SKX007 (& its many siblings). 

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I recently shared the story of my first watch, và while that humble little Timex did indeed kichồng off my interest in watches – like the endless stream of "entertaining" comic book movies every one assures me I should love – there is yet another chapter in my origin story. It"s a story that leads to many many Seikos, but lượt thích many of you, it started with one true enthusiast-loved model – the SKX007. 


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At this point, you may be wondering, “Why is he talking so much about the Seiko SKX? I thought this was a đánh giá of the new Seiko 5s”. Well, to my mind, you can’t understvà the new Seiko 5s without understanding both the old Seiko 5s & their more dive-focused relative, the SKX007 (for simpliđô thị I’m going to lớn keep saying the SKX007, but this could be largely interchangeable with many of the other versions – more on that in a bit). 

In creating a something of a new formula for the 2019 Seiko 5s, aka the SRPD Seiko 5s, Seiko had to lớn ensure they paid some favor lớn the enthusiasts that had long been telling their friends to buy SNKs & SKXs, and you can see elements of both in the new Seiko 5 kiến thiết. The brief is still very much a Seiko 5, but the look is just a skootch off of the SKX007. Let’s dig in.