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The best sandbox trò chơi is difficult to lớn nail down, as the sandbox style is spread across countless genres with disparate mechanics & settings. But all sandboxes giới thiệu a common trait: freedom. Whether it’s creating a whole world or building up a gang of criminals across a city, sandbox games leave most of the agency up lớn the player. They are universes to lớn be experienced at a pace not dictated by developers.

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There needs khổng lồ be a bit of clarity when looking at what makes a great sandbox game, though. They have, since the days of Elite và Ultima, referred to open-world games filled with choice & diversions. But revisionist history would describe them as “games lượt thích Minecraft”. For the purposes of this exploration of the best of the bunch, we’re taking a look at them all. We support sandbox egalitarianism.

So from the mean streets of Los Santos, through the ruthless missions of Agent 47, to lớn the stunning expanse of Eve’s universe, these are the very best sandbox games on PC.

Here are the best sandbox games on PC:



Minecraft is synonymous with modern sandbox games. & it deserves lớn be. It’s one of the purest sandbox titles because it’s more a tool than a game. It’s a figurative sandpit, waiting to be molded into giant fortresses, complex circuits, và gargantuan spaceships suspended in the sky. Yes, you could be the next person lớn make one of the best Minecraft maps or cool Minecraft houses.

Minecraft captures the essence of playing – and fashion, just kiểm tra out some of the best Minecraft skins for proof. It’s a tactile experience that evokes days spent building Lego creations in your bedroom. Limitations are few and far between, & usually, the simple installation of a Minecraft hack will smash down any those that vày exist – it’s more concerned with giving players the tools to curate their own experience than telling them what khổng lồ do.

Heading into winter:Minecraft’s “snow is snowier now”

It’s bridged the gap between different generations of gamers. Its rudimentary graphics and interface inspire nostalgia, while its simple ngắn gọn xúc tích and blocky building appeals to mites (and a fair few adults). & it’s easy lớn describe; or, at least the very basics are. The common sense lô ghích that runs through its foundations makes it accessible và less daunting for the uninitiated, making it an experience that can be shared by kids & their parents. You can check out the new Minecraft 1.17 update currently in testing by applying for thelatestMinecraft snapshot beta.



Rockstar’s most recent xuất hiện world is a true play pit of opportunities. At times it feels lượt thích every street of the sprawling đô thị is a destination for fun, offering up new types of people lớn interact with, new terrain to lớn experiment on, and new buildings khổng lồ explore.

The simulation offers an exaggeration of urban & rural America, & so going mental with a few firearms can lead to chaos in the streets, not to lớn mention some exceptionally wild police chases. Pushing the limitations of the world is part of the expected experience: seeing just how many bodies you can pile up, how many hitchhikers you can kidnap, how long you can go with a five-star wanted level.

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The GTA V mods scene is booming right now so it’s the perfect place khổng lồ experiment with other people’s creations. But, beyond that, the trò chơi comes bundled with its own extensive tool kit for creative types: the Rockstar Editor. A seemingly limitless machinima movie creator, it allows you khổng lồ film whatever you fancy, & cut and shape it into a work of cinematic art.

If you’re not into the creative side of Rockstar’s behemoth, fear not: you can always relive the chaotic days of Vice City & San Andreas by using some GTA 5 cheats or try out GTA RP in dedicated servers. It’s also a trò chơi that’s still growing with massive new updates lượt thích the GTA Casino update, which added heaps of new missions and rewards lượt thích the Enus Paragon R, plus a massive ruddy casino khổng lồ chill out in.



Before sandboxes were synonymous withgames like GTAor low-res block building, the term was inescapably linked lớn the freeform murder of Hitman. After a heavy misstep with Absolution, Agent 47 retrieved his sandbox crown with 2016’s Hitman. A phối of six locations provides you with uncountable opportunities khổng lồ dispatch a target, from a simple xạ thủ rifle shot lớn an some of Hitman’s craziest kills.

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Despite the immersive sim being huge this generation, with the likes of Dishonored and Deus Ex, many simply can’t compare to the dense detail of a Hitman level. They provide the freedom khổng lồ approach the situation in almost every manner you can imagine. And, should your imagination fail you, there are dozens of suggestions thanks lớn the brilliant Opportunities system. What’s more, each màn chơi is being constantly added khổng lồ over time, with brand new Escalation missions và Elusive Target contracts. Hitman is a sandbox that won’t stop evolving.

The emergent fun continues in the two sequels released since, as we found in our Hitman 2 reviewand Hitman 3 reviews respectively. There’s plenty there for returning assassins, such as Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode and an inventive AI that wants you khổng lồ murder in the coolest possible ways, while the Hitman 3 keypad safe codesleave you something to come back to after completing this trilogy of stealth sandbox games.



Despite being in Early Access, Scrap Mechanic already has all the makings of a true sandbox hit. Lượt thích Minecraft, it’s fuelled entirely by your creativity, and how your mind manages to lớn extrapolate the basic features into a mini (or not-so-mini) masterpiece.

What makes Scrap Mechanic different from other building games is how it encourages momentum with components that move. It sets it apart from most other games which tend lớn stick to creating fortresses và other stationary objects. Even your static castle can come to life with elaborate unlocking mechanisms in Scrap Mechanic. But it’s the cars, tanks, & hover machines that really demonstrate the depths of its potential.

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For a quick overview of what makes it special take a look at our Scrap Mechanic beginner’s guide and then see the best Scrap Mechanic creations from the community. What’s surprising is that most are built with only a handful of basic components. Imagine what could be built when the game eventually expands its inventory.



The original Elite was one of the first sandboxes, setting the standard for future sandboxes và simulation games alike. It’s still pretty impressive, even 30 years on, with over 200 worlds to lớn visit và trade with. Elite Dangerous, though, is a galaxy in size, a scale that is both bewildering and extremely intimidating. Just the scope of the thing is astounding. No wonder it’s one of the best space games on PC.

Making your way through the galaxy is familiar: trading with stations, fulfilling requests for goods & assistance, chasing down bounties. But this is all taking place in our own simulated galaxy, where everything is lớn scale. When you leave supercruise & are faced with a gargantuan glowing sun, it feels lượt thích you’re facing a real sun, something so massive that it’s almost inconceivable.

Even simple trips feel lượt thích significant undertakings. With every jump to lớn supercruise, there’s the risk of interdiction, leading to a lot of flailing around as you attempt khổng lồ align with the escape vector, which plonks you right in the middle of deep space. Fail, & you’ve got a dogfight on your hands. Don’t worry if that danger is too much for you, though: our Elite Dangerous guide will help out any beginners.



Kerbal Space Program is the only sandbox in this list where having a solid grasp on maths và physics will be a boon. It’s an ambitious simulator that tasks players with sending rockets into space, colonising planets, mining asteroids, and fooling around with moon buggies. How you go about all of this is pretty much up to you.

Kerbal Space Program spent a large stretch of time in Early Access but has now emerged as one of the best indie games around. With its full feature phối of missions và free-form sandbox mode, it provides practically endless opportunities to fiddle with big-budget science. It’s a game where your experiments & successes have extra weight, as they aren’t taking place in a fantasy realm but one grounded in real-life science.

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Military simulator Arma 3 is, like Minecraft, as much a tool for trò chơi creation as a game itself – one where much of the heavy lifting has already been done. It looks great, making the fictional Greek islands it takes place on eerily real, and the combat has benefited from this eye for detail too. It’s a combined arms war game, where you can dabble in commanding tanks, try khổng lồ play it lượt thích one of the best plane games, or take advantage of the detail of this sniper trò chơi to skulk & take your foes out from the shadows.

While it comes with a three-part chiến dịch and multiplayer, the meat is the huge editor that gives creators countless tools và assets with which they can craft their own worlds. As it allows for anything from persistent multiplayer campaigns khổng lồ military operations lớn be created it has birthed some of the best PC games ever, including DayZ và PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.



Just Cause 3 is ridiculous. Sure, it has the trappings of the modern open-world shooter – killing dudes, driving around, ploughing through hundreds of missions – but that’s not what makes Just Cause 3 sparkle.

The whole point of the game is to lớn sow chaos throughout the island of Medici. How you go about that is up khổng lồ you. Most of the joy comes from attaching the grapple hook to things. Attach it to a car và then lớn a statue và you’ve got a simple means of toppling this symbol of tyranny. Create an attachment between oxygen canisters and soldiers and you can watch as they’re dragged off before exploding. Then there are the rocket mines, which can be attached khổng lồ anything and everything for high-velocity, explosive violence. The trò chơi really could just be about doing silly things with the grapple. But a gorgeous island and flexible missions mean there’s more khổng lồ Just Cause 3 than silly chaos (well, not too much).

It’s like a Pepsi Max ad from the ‘90s but with a much higher body toàn thân count. No wonder we voted it one of the best games of 2015. We got more of an iterative update with the sequel, however, but we found in our Just Cause 4 đánh giá that it didn’t stop it from being just as bombastic và fun.


MOUNT & BLADE II:Bannerlord

After eight years in development, the sequel khổng lồ the first Mount và Blade trò chơi is finally out on Steam’s Early Access program. Despite it being about as buggy as Warband was back in 2010, it’s – ironically – a much more polished experience that expands on pretty much everything that made the first game such a standout for the sandbox games genre.

Bannerlord, like its predecessor, is all about letting you roleplay in a systems-heavy medieval sandbox. Perhaps the showman in you will inspire you lớn become a master jouster và champion of many tourneys. Maybe your eye for a good khuyến mãi will let you make money fast, using your mountain of gold lớn fund a mercenary army to protect you & bring you glory. Or perhaps you’re just a good for nothing crook, and if so, then it’s the bandit’s life for you.

The blend of macro-scale management & being able khổng lồ directly control your character and buổi tiệc ngọt gives you an unrivalled level of control the gameplay, to lớn the extent where you can either lead an army of hundreds from above, or command them from the over-the-shoulder perspective of your medieval hero/warlord/dastardly baron. If you get stuck, there are always Bannerlord cheats lớn consider



If you’ve never played EVE Online you’ll have heard its many stories. Thousands of players & fleets of ships fighting out in space, alliances toppled by traitors, spies murdering CEOs, và lots of theft. All of this is without developer involvement, and led by incredibly talented EVE fleet commanders from the comfort of their trang chủ PCs.

It’s a living galaxy with a complex player-run economy, filled with corporations & alliances that rise & fall, và opportunistic pirates, soldiers và businessmen waiting khổng lồ fleece or destroy you. EVE fights the good fight by making its world a true sandbox – helping it become one of the best MMOs on PC.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed check out our EVE Online beginner’s guide. It’s in the corporations, though, that EVE’s heart really lies. The intrigue & wars that arise from them would fit neatly in the pages of The Twelve Caesars.


Red Dead Redemption 2

The latest game from Rockstar received glowing praise in our Red Dead Redemption 2 review. After a somewhat sluggish start in the snow, it soon opens out into a glorious representation of the Wild West, with beautiful views of snow-tipped mountains & verdant woodlands. You can wander through the wilderness hunting animals or picking flowers for camp recipes, as well as complete missions for the locals và uncover many RDR2 easter eggs hidden throughout.

RDR2 really hits its stride during some of the key set pieces, including chaotic showdowns và contemplative aftermaths leading khổng lồ a dizzying finale.After all, youplay as an outlaw, và as such are more than capable of pulling off ngân hàng jobs, train heists, & duels. If your PC can handle the Red Dead Redemption 2 system requirements, then there’s a lot khổng lồ discover in one of the best western games on PC. And that’s not including the countless hours of multiplayer kích hoạt in Red Dead Online, or even joining the RDR2 roleplay with like-minded gunslingers.



Creepy dollhouse và terrifying social experiment, The Sims is one of EA’s big cash cows, squeezing out expansion after expansion. It’s difficult lớn reconcile the game with the business model, but it’s better to lớn simply put the latter to the back of your mind và not go crazy with the expansion purchases.

The creation tools are simple và tactile but you can vì chưng a lot with them, & the crazy Sims 4 mods & DLC means the toolset keeps expanding the potential of one of the best management games. But it is the emergent stories that happen to and within your creations that makes The Sims so damn compelling even after you’d expect the well to run dry.

Hackerman: các mục of Sims 4 cheats

You could follow the route of the creepy, sociopathic puppet masters by creating dungeons & then setting fire to Sims once they’re inside. Yes, you could, but we’re not going to lớn encourage that kind of behaviour. Instead, why not help your Sims follow their dreams, be that hooking up with the hot person from the bar down the street, or building their own Sims space rocket and blasting into the universe.



Garry Newman’s physics sandbox is really just a giant toy box. Absent of objectives and rules, it furnishes players with props, character models, & a whole load of tools from which can spring all manner of oddities & crimes against nature.

Wrongdoing: The best crime games on PC

Everything can be stuck together & fiddled with khổng lồ the point that it’s often used to lớn make hugely creative videos and bizarre shows. & it’s a game design tool, giving birth khổng lồ single-player adventures, multiplayer worlds, & a heap of player-created content.

It can be an introduction to game design, countless games, or just something you can mess around with when you’re pissed. But, most importantly, you can give NPCs very silly faces. Intrigued? Discover the origin story of the trò chơi with the making of Garry’s Mod.



Don’t Starve starts with one goal: staying alive. That’s easier said than done in a hellish purgatory, however. Foraging for berries & carrots is easy enough, but as they grow scarce & the hunt takes survivors further afield, the risk of death intensifies. Wild pig men, monstrous arachnids, & unspeakable horrors abound at night.

Don’t Starve is a great survival game, but its no slouch as a sandbox, either. The world might be cruel và deadly, but it can be somewhat tamed and moulded into something a bit more comfortable. A simple fire and tent can flourish into farm, fortress, or laboratory. Erstwhile nightmares can be transformed into allies that can protect you from the worst the world has to lớn offer.

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There you are, enough of the best sandbox games to get your creative juices flowing for a long time yet. We’ve supplied the bucket and spade & now it’s up khổng lồ you to lớn use your newfound videogame freedom lớn make your own fun. If you’re now more in the mood for destruction than inventive creation, check out the best FPS games around.Oh, & of course you’ll never go wrong with our list of the best old gamesthat continue to age better by the day.By now our creative juices have been well and truly depleted, & we’re excited to lớn see how you push the boundaries of creative PC gaming.