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The next generation Galaxy FitLight and vivid khổng lồ keep you up lớn speedSo lightweight you won"t know it"s there






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Light and vivid lớn keep you up khổng lồ speed

Get what you need at a glance. Not only can you retrieve your fitness stats in an instant you can see them clearly thanks to its Full Color AMOLED Display. With just a quick turn of the wrist it’s all there in high-resolution.

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So lightweight you won"t know it"s there

Designed lớn get you up & moving swiftly. Thanks khổng lồ Galaxy Fit’s durable, ultra-lightweight materials your workouts won’t feel weighed down when you want khổng lồ take on the day’s new set of challenges.

Powered khổng lồ outlast those longer workouts

Keep up your routine for even longer. With plenty of power to last throughout your daily workouts, you can paông chồng in those longer hours to lớn reach your fitness goals. What’s more, you won’t have khổng lồ worry about disruptive battery discharge when tracking your activity.

*Actual battery life varies by features & widgets used, frequency of messages, number of times charged, and many other factors.

Push yourself that much further when setting your fitness goals. Galaxy Fit is compliant with military-level durability standards, & has water resistance of 5ATM. You can take your workout outside without having khổng lồ worry about dust or rain getting in the way.

*Galaxy Fit has a water resistance rating of 50 meters under the ISO standard 22810:2010. It is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities. If the device or your hands are wet, they must be dried thoroughly prior to lớn handling.*US Military Standard Compliant (MIL-STD-810G)

Keeps an ear on your heart

It all starts with your heart. Galaxy Fit tracks your heart rate even when it†s not on your mind. It sends you an alert to lớn bring it to your attention, if your heart rate rises above sầu a pre-defined level while resting.

* Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only.

Beyond fitness tracking

No ordinary fitness tracker. Galaxy Fit keeps you informed by allowing you lớn reply instantly with prephối messages for incoming texts. It syncs Do Not Disturb settings with your phone lớn keep you from interruptions, and even suggests roaming clock* display when entering a new time zone.

* This feature to be supported in the future.** Notification UI screens may vary by country, since some language fonts are not supported. The Quiông xã Reply feature will also be unavailable in these countries.

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Galaxy Fit starts tracking up to six activities automatically so you can focus purely on getting fit. You can select and customize up to ten preferred activities from more than 90 workouts on the Health Smartphone tiện ích. What†s more, you can also register a favored activity for a quichồng start.

* To use Health phầm mềm with Galaxy Fit, requires signup & pairing with your compatible smartphone

With tự động hóa sleep tracking, Galaxy Fit analyzes your sleeping patterns throughout all four stages of sleep & provides a detailed readout khổng lồ help you kiểm tra your rest. View useful information such as total elapsed sleep time through Health phầm mềm.

* To use Health app with Galaxy Fit, requires signup & pairing with your compatible smartphone.

Keep áp lực on the low over. Check your levels on Galaxy Fit when you think you might be overly stressed and follow the guided breathing exercises to lớn help reduce it.

* Availability may vary country or region.* Intended for general wellness và fitness purposes only.

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* Availability may vary country or region.* Intended for general wellness & fitness purposes only.

Technology (Main Display)AMOLEDSize (Main Display)0.95" (24.1mm)Resolution (Main Display)1đôi mươi x 240màu sắc Depth (Main Display)16M
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