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(Formerly the Canadian Song Depository)

TheSong Vault is a special registration service available only to lớn membersin good standing of the 10kiem.vn Association of Canadomain authority. If you are not a thành viên click here to learn more about benefits.Download Song Vault forms. Clichồng Here to see a sample.

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Why register my songs?

Where vì chưng my songs go?

10kiem.vnhas obtained the services of Iron Mountain, a professional informationmanagement firm operating in 17 countries across 5 continents. AtRecall"s highly secure Canadian information centre, your song depositson audio CD/cassette are filed with a barcode tracking system và keptsafe from dust, light, smoke and other harmful impurities to lớn preservetheir longevity.

How bởi I register my songs?

Atuy nhiên can only be registered with an official Canadian Song Vaultapplication form provided by the S.A.C. You can tải về this formbelow, or contact the S.A.C. office khổng lồ request forms via mail.

Formsmust be completed and returned with a CD or cassette deposit containingup khổng lồ a maximum of 12 songs per form, along with the applicable fee andGST. The application fee for each size is $15, & each tuy vậy lớn beregistered is $5. For your convenience, a pricing chart is included below. cảnh báo that this size must be printed out và submittedin physical hard copy along with your CD; you may not submit songs orforms electronically at this time. The Song Vault is a specialregistration service available only khổng lồ members in good standing of the10kiem.vn Association of Canadomain authority.

Do my songs remain registered if my membership lapses?

Yes, your songs are registered indefinitely. However, if you or the court need access khổng lồ your work, you must renew your membership for at least a year.

Where vì chưng I find my thành viên number? Your member number, as well any other membership information is available by logging in và clicking on the Edit Protệp tin Link in the upper right corner, then choosing Membership Details. If you are a br& new member, it may take a few days for your number khổng lồ be displayed. If you vị not wish khổng lồ wait, you may leave sầu the space blank & we will fill it in as long as your membership is up to date.

Please see below for Song Vault fees, with and without membership purchase.

# of Songs Song Vault Registration * (current members) Song Vault + 1 year Membership ** Song Vault + 2 year Membership ** 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
$22.60 $90.40 $135.60
$28.25 $96.05 $141.25
$33.90 $101.70 $146.90
$39.55 $107.35 $152.55
$45.đôi mươi $113.00 $158.20
$50.85 $118.65 $163.85
$56.50 $124.30 $169.50
$62.15 $129.95 $175.15
$67.80 $135.60 $180.80
$73.45 $141.25 $186.45
$79.10 $146.90 $192.10
$84.75 $152.55 $197.75

* Fee breakdown:$15 admin fee + $5 per song + 13% HST.

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If you are already an S.A.C. thành viên, you"d pay this.

** Non-member fee, includes membership (this is the amount you"d put on a cheque/money order if you decide lớn sign up/renew through the mail along with submitting your Song Vault application). You can also sign up/renew online

Applications for tuy nhiên registration and deposit must:

be clear, legible & completed in full. include the signature of the author for the song(s) being registered. include the signature of any co-writers for the song(s) being registered. include valid payment for the full applicable registration fee. include a single compact disc or audio cassette deposit of all songs being registered. We vày not need lyrics. identify all songs contained on the compact disc or audio cassette, in the order they appear, in section B (See liên kết below).PLEASE NOTE: In-person registration and payment of SongVaults by appointment only. Please phone the office khổng lồ schedule an appointment.To tải về the Song Vault size cliông chồng here.

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Cliông chồng Here to lớn see a sample.

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