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This weapon class is usually for early game usage, and is meant for close-combat situations.Shotguns can kill enemies with one just shot in PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại, but need to be used carefully.

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PUBG Smartphone boasts a diverse category of weapons, including submachine guns, xạ thủ rifles và assault rifles. Shotguns, however, are a quality class of firearms in this battle royale shooter, lethal at cđại bại range but doing very little damage over medium và long distances. Unlượt thích other armaments, shotguns fires pellets of bullets instead of single shots.

Shotguns are meant to be used as early game weapons, but most players ignore them và look for alternatives. Some players don"t understand their power, while others don"t know how to use them. In this article, we look at two popular shotguns, S686 và S1897, và compare the two lớn see which is better in PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại.

Which is the better PUBG thiết bị di động shogun: S686 or S1897


Hit Damage: 26; Initial Bullet Speed: 370 m/s; Reload Duration: 3.00s; Ammo Type: 12 Gauge; Magazine Size: 2

The S686 is a double-barrelled shotgun which uses 12 gauge ammo. It is known khổng lồ inflict severe damage at cthua trận range, as the gun fires two 12 gauge shots. It has the fastest rate of fire off any shotgun, but takes an awful lot of time to reload.

There are some disadvantages of using the S686. As already mentioned, it"s high reloading time (three seconds) allows enemies lớn retaliate, while its damage falls off and requires a choke lớn shoot over a maximum distance of 15 meters. Hence, there is no room for error with so many limitations on this shotgun.

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Hit Damage: 26; Initial Bullet Speed: 360 m/s; Reload Duration: 4.00s; Ammo Type: 12 Gauge; Magazine Size: 5

The S1897 is a pump-action shotgun which uses 12 gauge ammo. It can give sầu decent damage at cthua thảm range và pumps five sầu rounds of 12 gauge shots at enemies. Although it has a long reload time of four seconds, players can use the five sầu rounds available to lớn clear most enemies.

The significant disadvantages of using the S1897 is the pump-action mechanism, which takes some time, leaving the user vulnerable lớn attacks. The second-most notable drawbachồng is the damage falloff over medium lớn long distances.


Both the S686 and S1897 are decent choices at early stages in PUBG thiết bị di động. They vị a lot of damage và can one-shot enemy players even with level three gears & helmets. The damage falloff is almost similar on both as well.

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However, the S1897 edges the S686 because it offers five sầu rounds instead of two, and gives players more room for error & flexibility in cđại bại combat situations. The five sầu rounds also provide a kill threat lớn multiple enemy players, unlượt thích the S686.

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