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Baông chồng in 1991, EA unleashed a motorcycle-themed racing and vehicular combat game called Road Rash. This brilliant concoction of tốc độ, fist cuffs, và blunt weapons excited both the player và critics. The popularity of the franchise led to lớn the development of multiple sequels for various platforms.

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Furthermore, The last entry to lớn the series, Road Rash: Jailbreak, made its way to lớn the original PlayStation console in 2003. Unfortunately, we are not going to talk about the iconic series. But, instead, we are going khổng lồ take a quiông chồng Review of the spiritual successor Road Redemption, và its competition Road Rage both launched 15 years later after the last entry to the Road Rash franchise.

What is Road Redemption và Road Rage?


For starters, both Road Redemption and Road Rage follow the same principle used in the epic Road Rash series. What makes the most difference is that Road Redemption is a spiritual successor. This thing means that Road Redemption employs the same essential elements, styles, and source materials. In other words, its an indirect entry to the series.

Road Rage, on the other hand, is inspired by the series, which means that it integrates the idea seen in the Road Rash series. It does not in any way related to lớn Road Rash; however, it employs the same principles & mechanics borrowed from the series. Thus, the term inspired. With that, let’s take a quichồng overview of some of the differences between the two titles. After all, both claims titles launched in the same year lớn revive or shall we say, re-hype the motorcycle-themed vehicle combat gaming scene. That said, what we are going lớn bởi vì is provide a short breakdown of the basic features và attributes to make a brief comparison between titles.

The Story

When it comes khổng lồ the narrative, players should know that both Road Redemption và Road Rage feature a less intricate one. With Road Redemption allowing you to play as an assassin with a huge bounty and Road Rage enabling you to play as a rebel biker. What makes the most difference between the two titles is the setting. Road Redemption takes place in a long stretch of highways like the ones seen in Mad Max, while Road Rage takes place in an urban location or cityscape.

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This one is the flaws of Road Rage. You see, for motorcycle-themed vehicular combat to lớn work, you need a proper setting. Although the urban environment of Road Rage is not that bad, the placement of obstacles along with the semi-open world settings defies one of the elements that makes these games fun; tốc độ. Something that Road Redemption delivered brilliantly.

Road Redemption Graphics, Sound, and Gameplay


In terms of graphics and sound, both games come with a decent presentation that is not bad và not great either. Nevertheless, the main difference comes from the implementation and the execution of the resources available that result in an exciting gameplay experience. Road Redemption is the winner on this round compared to the studio produced Road Rage.

One of the reasons that make Road Redemption stvà out is the animation. Compared to lớn Road Rage, Road Redemption features a much smoother character animation. Also, compared to lớn the almost robotic characters of Road Rage. Another is visual effects, which are much lacking or poorly executed in Road Rage. On top of that is the nearly maze-lượt thích setting in Road Rage. That matter makes acceleration almost impossible (it’s not lượt thích the game has one of the best controls out there).

That said, playing Road Rage, as the name suggests, often results in a real-world rage. This thing is due lớn the various glitches, poor presentation, awful controls, và annoying setting. Road Redemption, on the other h&, is a fun game khổng lồ play. The word “redemption” in the title did not only redeemed or somehow revived the fun gameplay mechanics found in the Road Rash series but delivered a great product to lớn its backers và fans as well.

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To that over, if you are looking for an excellent old motorcycle-themed vehicular combat action, then go for the redemption. It’s better khổng lồ have sầu rather than the rage.

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