Huawei và other Chinese manufacturers dominate the low to lớn mid range sector of the điện thoại market in nước australia and for good reason. They build unique hardware, and manage to vị so without hiking the prices. The bulk of consumers live và buy in this sector & it is for this reason that Huawei’s profits continue khổng lồ grow despite softening of the market.

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Huawei, not long after dropping the Nova Plus on us have brought a new phone, the GR5 2017, into this segment & they hope it will be another success for them. The Huawei GR5 2017 is a low kết thúc phone which is the same as an Honor 6X (if you follow the Honor brand và the inroads it is making into the US market).

It is not designed lớn be a high end phone and as such we need to temper our expectations before even beginning the review. For $399AU we should not expect it lớn be as fast as the $1400 pixel XL or the newer $1000 LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8. We should not expect the specs lớn be as high end. This phone is designed for those who want a cheap phone that does most things well.

Huawei GR5 2017 What’s inside?

As I said above for $399AU you should not expect high over specs and you can be sure as hell you will not get them with this phone. Does it matter? Not one single iota. If you are buying a $399 phone you most likely do not care what processor is in it as long as the user experience is decent.

So what is in it? The 5.5in 1080P LCD display is powered by an octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 655 SoC running a Mali-T830 GPU. There is 3GB of RAM with 32GB of onboard storage with the capacity to lớn expand this further via the microsd thẻ slot. Of the 32GB of space there is only 24.2GB free for the user khổng lồ take advantage of. For this reason 64GB should be the minimum in any phone in 2017, even if it is a low over phone.

The display itself does not seem as bright as some other phones I’ve tried recently but the clarity was good & the colours relatively deep. Huawei, to their credit give you the option lớn change the warmth of the IPS LCD display to lớn how you lượt thích to view it. Some prefer more blue in their display (colder) while others opt for the warmer display.

There is a dual rear camera with one camera 12MP và the other 2MP. The front facing camera is 8MP with f/2.0. The battery is a decent kích cỡ at 3340mAh which is definitely acceptable, especially in a low end phone such as this. The bluetooth không dây version is only version 4.1 và the Wi-Fi support only for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n but that is expected in cheaper phones.





One omission that a lot of lower end phones also tend to be missing is NFC. There will be no opportunity khổng lồ use app android Pay with this phone.

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As with many of the cheaper phones the GR5 2017 is not packed into a stylish super-thin case. What it is packed into is a very solid metal casing that Huawei use for nearly all their phones now. It is 150.9 x 76.2 x 8.2mm in size. It has decent bezels, not Pixel-like bezels though and as such is slightly smaller than the pixel XL while having the same form size display. I lượt thích the look of Huawei phones và even though this is a cheap phone it is by no means ugly. It has some heft to it at 162 grams but is a very solid phone that feels lượt thích it could handle some treatment without batting an eyelid.

Huawei have included a decent thin plastic hard case for the phone as well which is something they seem lớn be doing routinely these days and it is very welcome.

Inside the very average, cheap-looking box is the microUSB charging cable plus a standard tốc độ charger. There is no fast charging with this phone. Huawei have included some headphones with this phone which indicated the presence of the tai nghe jack. Any manufacturer who decides to not include it should be ridiculed & avoided in my opinion. Until they offer a solution for using wired headphones while charging I think they are being very narrow minded.

Huawei GR5 2017 What’s it good at?

This phone just works. It does not vì it in an overly speedy manner but it just chugs away getting the job done. There are no hang ups. It is the phone version of the little engine that could. It is not blazingly fast lượt thích the pixel XL or the LG G6 (at times) but shouldn’t be expected for this price range.

The fingerprint sensor, as with all Huawei phones I have used, is fast and works very consistently. The phone unlocks fast with the sensor being easy to find without looking for it (don’t laugh, not all phones are lượt thích that).

The battery life is good for a day quite easily. The slower processor, combined with the 1080P display và the large battery make for a good battery life. With high usage I easily got a full day, which is exactly what I am after.

The phone is just good at being a phone. It functions at a definite acceptable level for a low over phone. It gets the job done so for my Dad or someone who needs a good solid phone but doesn’t need a blazingly-fast phone it is a great phone. It is well built & solid. Huawei phones feel indestructible to me and feel extremely solid in the hand, no matter the price range that they sit within. Everything about this phone just screams solid.

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Huawei GR5 2017 How’s the camera?

Has there been any điện thoại thông minh released in the last year that has had a “bad” camera? I suspect not. This phone is no exception. The GR5 2017’s camera is good but not great. The colours tended lớn be under saturated when compared khổng lồ the LG G6 và the px XL but by itself they were decent pictures. As for most cameras, và especially those in the cheaper phones, the camera struggled in low light with the pictures being noisier than those with a high kết thúc phone.

While the camera lens was 12MP it struggled to find the resolution you would expect of a camera with that sized lens. All in all, for those buying a sub-$400 phone, it is good enough. It doesn’t excel but then I did not expect it to. It launched quickly (including using the double tap volume down button while display was off lớn launch) and took decent photos quickly. Isn’t that all you really need?