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Experience a redefined perspective with the magnificent 6.53" AMOLED screen on your X. The fingerprint và camera modules enfolded under the display exudes pure beauty with 91.2% screen-to-body toàn thân ratio for an all immersive sầu experience while watching movies, browsing or playing games.

Sapphire glass front camera | Drop protection mechanism | Sony IMX471 sensor

The AI enabled Sony"s 16MP. camera sensor enfolded within X takes immersive sầu ultra HD selfies. Packed with the power of an advanced pulse motor, the selfie cam takes only 0.74s lớn pop up for over 200,000 times - making it 50 pop-ups a day for 10 years.

With 44% larger px kích thước and 30% wider dynamic range, the optical fingerprint scanner module from Goodix® delivers you a fast và secure experience for unlocking your phone. It utilizes the DSPhường acceleration engine & light compensation solutions, which boost the unlocking tốc độ by 28.5% when compared with the last generation.
The Sony"s 48MPhường. primary camera sensor at the rear of X is truly a power within. Now discover expert shots with"s exclusive image tuning solution, which enables ultra HD imaging of night views and enhances true colors.

Why 48MPhường Sony IMX586 stvà out?

Large f/1.8 aperture for increased light intake 1/2.0" larger-than-usual sensor Large 1.6μm pixels with intelligent px binning X can render 48MPhường photos directly; Zoom inlớn any photo lớn without losing on clarity và details.
The next-ren Super Nightscape is powered by an AI engine which integrates the multi-frame noise reduction and HDR giải pháp công nghệ. It can merge up to 8 pictures across 6 EV dynamic ranges. In addition, anti-shake in handheld mode and noise reduction promises clear và vibrant night shots with rich colors.

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Photograph With X Super Nightscape Mode
Photograph With X Super Nightscape Mode
Photograph With X Chroma Boost Mode
Photograph With X Chroma Boost Mode
Photograph With X Chroma Boost Mode’s exclusively-designed camera can intelligently identify the subject & scene. Then it automatically matches the parameters lớn bring out real & high-quality images. Chroma Boost brings the real colors lớn your photos, even for night shots.

Get studio-style shots with all new five sầu portrait modes which integrate light effects and filters, thus helps in exemplifying high-quality creations.

VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 leads the way in charging solutions. It pumps the juice by 60% in battery cấp độ, that is 6 times faster than normal charging even while playing a heavy game continuously for an hour. The new FFC constant-voltage charging algorithm trims the charging time by 23.8% compared to Version 2.0. The major upside is 15% lower peak temperature in the large 3,765mAh battery of the X compared to the typical fast charing battery. X is adopting LPDDR4X & UFS 2.1 flash storage công nghệ, which ensures high speed in data writing và reading. You can switch seamlessly between apps regardless of the number of apps running in the background.
One step ahead technology. X hits the bar to lớn give you a smooth gaming experience with Hyper Boost 2.0 acceleration engine combined with a robust hardware. That"s not all. Game Space & trò chơi Assistant take your gaming experience to lớn another màn chơi.
A brvà new gel thiết kế integrated with copper foil, graphite sheets & aluminum alloys strategically lowers the temperature of the phone up lớn 15.2% while gaming. The AI cooler quickly freezes the lesser used apps, to lớn scrap overheating và gives you optimal performance all around.
Hyper Boost 2.0 features an incredible Game Boost 2.0 functionality. It is powered by two elements (Frame Boost & cảm biến Boost) for a seamless heavy gaming experience without any freeze.
34.5% Improvement in the frame rate và stability of games 73.7% Reduction in the probability of games freeze
Game Space is your real gaming console on the go as it organizes your numerous games và adjust system resources flexibly for an optimal performance.
Supports message-không lấy phí, semi-transparent reminders in a game without blocking the gaming interface, while capable of rapidly captures screenshots, screen recordings, và ultimately enrich your gaming experiences. X is a true head turner with exquisite and magical S patterns at its exterior. Eight different processes are used khổng lồ create the eye-catching design. The result is a 3 chiều pattern that is visually appealing and provides a comfortable grip in the hvà.
The user-friendly ColorOS 6 has borderless asthetics & adds Breeno voice assistant for smart support lớn the users. The exclusive sầu visual customizations in the device take a leap ahead in enhancing the overall experience for the user. X with its irregular icons makes it fun lớn wander around the space. Thanks lớn the innovative sầu use of vertical space which leaves you fascinated with a 3 chiều visual experience.


1. Can withstvà 200,000 pop-ups with the pulse motor, based on test data from"s internal testing.

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2. A new-generation Super Nightscape can be merged from eight shots of varying exposure, the most number of photos yet that can be merged in handheld mode.

3.The screen-to-toàn thân ratio is the visible area of screen to lớn the whole display glass.

4. Normal fast charging refers khổng lồ high-voltage quichồng charging solutions (9V/2A); VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 is a low-voltage & high-current charging solution. The typical battery capađô thị of the X is 3,765mAh.

5. The data on charging is from"s internal testing of the charging of the phone from a battery màn chơi of 0% lớn 100% in an ambient temperature of 25±5The default charging situation is when the phone"s screen is turned off, và the charging while gaming situation is charging while playing a heavy game.

6. The charging temperature data is from"s internal testing, which is the peak temperature data when the phone is charged from a battery cấp độ of 0% to 100% in an ambient temperature of 25±5℃.

7. The temperature kiểm tra data for one hour of gaming is from"s internal testing in an ambient temperature of 25±5℃。, when the phone is mix to the maximum level of brightness and volume of audio, & contacts, dialer, information, browser music và other applications are running in the background.

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8. Frame acceleration data for Frame Boost & touch acceleration data for cảm biến Boost are from"s internal testing. The actual circumstance may differ slightly due to the software version used during testing, the characteristics of the chạy thử environment & differences in versions.

9. Product images are for reference only. Please refer to the actual hàng hóa for details. Changes may occur in certain specifications & descriptions of the hàng hóa due to reasons such as a change in a supplier. Please refer to the actual product for details. The relevant data is from"s internal lab & supplier demo data. The actual circumstance may differ slightly due khổng lồ the software version used during testing, the characteristics of the thử nghiệm environment và differences in versions.

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