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Experience the deafening sound of gunfire the way it’s meant to be with the Leviathan 5.1 Surround PC Gaming Sound Bar Bluetooth speaker. With a powerful 5.25” downward firing subwoofer for epic bass & a sound bar featuring 2 x 2.5” full range drivers và 2 x 0.74” tweeters optimized to bring the sounds of the virtual world lớn life.

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The Leviathan"s soundbar improves the gaming experience, and it"s big bassy sound may please music và movie lovers too.




Enhanced with Dolby technology, virtual surround sound giải pháp công nghệ gives you the ability to hear everything that’s happening around you, whether you are exploring breath-taking fantasy worlds or the most advanced cities in the galaxy.

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Công nghệ Bluetooth aptX TechnologyThe Leviathan Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect devices wirelessly.Single speaker designThe sound bar design allows you khổng lồ place the Leviathan công nghệ Bluetooth không dây speaker under your monitor for epic audio, without adding to lớn clutter.

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Get up khổng lồ 1 year of warranty & access reliable tech support. Purchase directly from 10kiem.vnStore & get 14 days risk-không tính tiền returns.

Frequency ResponseInput PowerDriver Size - Diameters (mm)Driver Type
180 Hz - đôi mươi KHz
Ext. Power nguồn Adapter
Full range drivers: 2 x 2.5" / 63.5 mmTweeter drivers: 2 x 0.74" / 19 mm1 x 5.25" down-firing subwoofer
Full range drivers và tweeters drivers

4.40 lbs / 2 kilogam (Sound Bar)5.18 lbs / 2.35 kilogam (Subwoofer)
3.5 milimet connectionBluetooth connectionOptical connection

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