Build Guide Dota 2: Countering Common Pubstomp Heroes

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As of January 2020 United suspended worldwide operations as a precaution against the novel coronavirus. We have recommended that all organizers cease hosting public events until further notice. Partners and sponsors may to contact their United liaison for future arrangements và planning.

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Operations will resume when deemed responsible to bởi so. Stay safe.

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open 24-Hours Kitchen open late Vegetarian options Meals Snacks Alcoholic drinks Hot drinks miễn phí WIFI Accessible Tabletop games Computers Arcade / Consoles Virtual reality
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"Pubstomps" are real life meetups and viewing parties hosted in public venues (such as bars, LAN cafes, or cinemas) by Dota2 fans worldwide. Hosting your own viewing các buổi tiệc nhỏ lets you meet other local fans, make new friends and enjoy the matches together!

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- Optional modifier - eSports Sports Tabletop game- Primary category -OtherLAN CaféBarCinema / TheaterCaféRestaurantArena / StadiumCampus / UniversityClubHotelMallCamping groundsPrivate residenceOffice spaceLoungeCasino Events hosted at private residences are placed under increased scrutiny. If accepted the location will not be shared/accessible beyond its assigned events, and in some circumstances the event will include a public disclaimer. If accepted this location will not be shared/accessible beyond its assigned events.

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mở cửa 24-Hours Kitchen mở cửa late Vegetarian options Meals Snacks Alcoholic drinks Hot drinks không tính tiền WIFI Accessible Tabletop games Computers Arcade / Consoles Virtual reality
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Starts at Ends at Minimum age External sự kiện URL (tickets, more details...) Primary sự kiện language EnglishРусскийEspañolPortuguêsУкраїнськаFrançaisDeutschالعربيةעִבְרִיתRomâneşteIndonesianFilipinoไทยTiếng ViệtLietuviškai中文日本語Italiano Estimated sự kiện attendance

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open tournament Invitational tournament Prizes Merchandise LAN tiệc ngọt Cosplaying Performance Charity Auction Art VIP appearance Virtual reality Assistive listening


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