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PUBG Mobile" 0.16.5 update is phối lớn release on the 9th of January & the Season 11 Royale Pass will arrive sầu on 10th of January.

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PUBG Mobile" 0.16.5 update is set lớn release on the 9th of January, 20đôi mươi & the Season 11 Royale Pass will arrive sầu on 10th of January.

PUBG mobile Season 10 is coming khổng lồ an kết thúc, & the release date of Season 11 Royale Pass has been phối to lớn the 10th of January as announced by PUBG điện thoại officials. Besides the release of new Season 11 rewards, it is also expected the arrival of new Domination mode. The developers of PUBG điện thoại added Domination mode into lớn the beta testing servers, but it is not confirmed yet whether the mode will be released in PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại global servers or not.

Take ayên ổn at your enemies in Royal Pass Season 11: Operation Tomorrow, it arrives January 10. The battle for the future is about to lớn begin!

PUBGMOBILE) January 7, 2020

As stated in PUBG điện thoại application, Season 10 will kết thúc on the 9th of January at 5:30 PM IST, và it is also confirmed that PUBG điện thoại 0.16.5 update will release on the Google Playstore on the same date, i.e. January 9, 2020.

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Before the Season 11 Royale Pass makes an entry into the game, here are some confirmed rewards leaks that will feature inlớn the upcoming Royale Pass. The rewards listed below falls under both free và elite royale pass.

#1 Beryl M762 Skin

As soon as the players will purchase the Season 11 Royale Pass, the pink color Beryl M762 skin will be credited inkhổng lồ the user" trương mục. Describing the finish of the weapon skin, it comes with a pink coat followed by blaông xã stripes on the magazine.

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Moreover, the blue lines on stock makes it more fantastic. This skin can be unlocked at Royale Pass màn chơi 1 & can be equipped by visiting the inventory section. Here" a glimpse at the new Beryl M762 skin:

#2 Tier Rank Rewards

Like the previous season, players can also achieve exclusive sầu rewards like outfits, avatars, etc. Once a player hits the particular tier, these rewards can be claimed from the mail section or by opening the player" protệp tin.

In Season 11, a bunch of rank up rewards have been introduced, but the highlighted reward of this new season is the MK14 DMR skin. It" been more than a while when PUBG điện thoại developers added MK14 skin inkhổng lồ the game. This skin can be claimed at the Platinum tier, và a bunch of items lượt thích masks, parachute skin, Season 11 protệp tin frame ,etc. can also be attained at various tiers.

#3 Free RPhường Rewards

Not everyone can spkết thúc bucks khổng lồ purchase the Royale Pass every season. For them, Tencent Games introduced a free RP section in one of the previous updates. This time in the free Royale Pass segment, a bunch of outfits & masks were added, which can be acquired at different levels. Players must complete the list of missions to lớn achieve those gifts.

After the kết thúc of Season 10, the player" rank will be remix & will be demoted khổng lồ the lower-tier level. All the above leaks have sầu been sourced from the Mr.Ghost Gaming YouTube Channel.

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Published 07 Jan 2020

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