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Korean AAA Action Game 'Project Eve' Reveals New Screenshots Korean developer Shift Up"s upcoming game Project EVE releases new screenshots and a real-time trùm battle khổng lồ show off its graphics.

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Screenshots from the new Project EVE from Korean devs Shift Up!
The upcoming single-player AAA game Project EVE, from Korean developer Shift Up, has gotten new screenshots along with a press release detailing more information. This action-adventure hack-and-slash đoạn phim game will be filled with style, if this new look is any indication.

With several companies like Xbox looking to lớn focus on single-player games, Project EVE seems to lớn be in development at a good time. Gamers are looking for more AAA titles with deep single-player experiences, as evidenced by the success of titles like Red Dead Redemption 2Ghost of Tsushima, and Breath of the Wild.

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According khổng lồ the press release, it seem Project EVE is in development for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Along with the new screenshots, Shift Up also released a boss battle video that includes real-time battle graphics. It shows a type of Ghost of Tsushima-esque strategic fighting style with a dash of Devil May Cry"s hack-and-slash. This, alongside its next-gene graphics, make the title potentially worth keeping an eye on.

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Screenshots from the new Project EVE from Korean devs Shift Up!
Screenshots from the new Project EVE from Korean devs Shift Up!
Project EVE was not given a release date, or even a release year in the press release. It will be a surprise if this title ends up available for the PS4, Xbox One, thiết bị di động or the Switch; as the graphics appear khổng lồ be so intensive sầu that Project EVE will most likely only be available for the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Screenshots from the new Project EVE from Korean devs Shift Up!
Screenshots from the new Project EVE from Korean devs Shift Up!
Studio founder Kim Hyung Tae describes this project as a "console-based multi-platsize action game aiming for high graphic chất lượng & extreme action" in the press release. With the company"s focus on consoles, time will tell whether it also gets a release for PC.

There doesn"t appear to lớn be much of a story that anyone outside of Shift Up can make out just yet for Project EVE. So far, what has been revealed is that the main character is a woman named Eve sầu who is battling Natives, evil monsters that plague the post-apocalyptic city in which she lives. Eve"s character kiến thiết was created by Hyung Tae, who is also known for doing the character designs for the game Blade và Soul, a free-to-play mobile MMORPG.

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Shift Up is currently celebrating the 3rd anniversary of its previous title, Destiny Child, an RPG that shares some visual similarities with Genshin Impact. The developer is also gearing up khổng lồ release an online third-person shooter called Nikke the Goddess of Victory, according to lớn the news site Dualshockers.

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