The 10 best poke restaurants in ho chi minh city, vietnam

One of the hotdemo food trends of 2018, poke is a colourful Hawaiian salad that tastes even better than it looks. Consisting of rice, cubed raw fish & an assortment of tropical fruits and veggies, poke is a healthy và delicious choice for lunch or dinner. Read on to discover the best poke restaurants in Ho Chi Minc City.

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A poke craze swept the world in 2018 và Ho Chi Minch City was not immune. There’s something utterly irresistible about those beautifully presented bowls và Saigon’s fashionable crowd fell deeply in love. Restaurants have sầu mushroomed all over the đô thị và new options are opening every other day. We’ve sifted through the salad lớn discover the best poke that Ho Chi Minc City has to offer.


You might think of the Poke Saigon as the ‘OG’ of Vietnamese poke, since it was the first to lớn open in the đô thị. Located on the second floor of the famed cà phê apartment building on Nguyen Hue, this xinh đẹp little restaurant is a hipster hotspot. Decorated with floral prints & an adorable vertical garden, Poke Saigon is a very charming place to enjoy a bowl. There’s also a second equally lovely branch at 42 Bis Ly Tu Trong, which also boasts an outdoor seating area.

Poke House’s stylish modern interior will have sầu you falling in love sầu as you consume your bowl of Hawaiian goodness. Their exceptional California bowl – made with tuna, egg, avocavì chưng & edamame – will be a firm favourite aý muốn the health-conscious but all of the choices here are fresh và delicious.


Poke Bowl is more of a poke-inspired sushi restaurant than a straight-up poke joint, but it is no less delicious. Poke recipes are often influenced by Japanese flavours and Poke Bowl really leans into this with their delicious creations. Their sushi is fresh, their poke is divine and their staff are very friendly, so be sure to kiểm tra this one out.


Nestled along Thao Dien’s busy Xuan Thuy street, Ono Poke Co serves up fresh poke to a loyal crowd of hungry expats. It’s a small, simple restaurant that also offers a range of more traditional salads for those who prefer chicken or eggs over raw fish. Delivery times are incredibly fast and the poke is always sensational.

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Part of Thao Dien’s trendy Bloq, Poke Fresh is another expat favourite. It’s a quiet spot where you can enjoy your poke in peace & quiet and wash it down with a tasty fresh juice. For something a little different, try their original ‘I Love Vietnam’ sauce, which is inspired by the liberal use of fish sauce và dill in Vietnamese cooking. Trust us, it’s good.

Poke tends lớn be a slightly pricier choice of meal in Ho Chi Minh City, but Hebi Poke provides a budget option without compromising on taste. One of Hebi’s bowls will only set you baông xã 89,000 dong (a little under $4 USD), which is around half the price of most poke restaurants in the thành phố. The range of toppings is a little more limited than many other places but they still offer all the basics, such as pineapple, cucumber và mango. Despite the lower price tag, portion size is still generous & all ingredients are fresh và delicious.

Located in District 1’s trendy Da Kao ward, The Poke is a lunch hotspot for Saigon’s young, fashionable crowd. With an extensive range of toppings và even an unagi bowl option, The Poke’s welcoming staff will help you to lớn create your perfect bowl quickly và easily. This place is a great choice for both the health và the fashion-conscious.

Let’s Poke is a friendly and fun-loving restaurant that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Situated in District 1’s glamorous Vincom Mall, Let’s Poke is the perfect place khổng lồ refuel after several hours of shopping. There are six delicious signature dishes on the menu, including Lanikai Poke (made with octopus & shrimp) và the vegetarian Maui bowl, or if you’re feeling creative sầu you can always build your own. Let’s Poke offers a very generous amount of toppings & has a great range of protein options. As well as the standard salmon, tumãng cầu and tofu they also serve sầu chicken, shrimp và octopus.

Simply named ‘Poke’, this no-nonsense restaurant gets straight khổng lồ the point with its dark, industrial-chic decor. Portions are generous, the ingredients are fresh và there’s even a selection of bottled craft beers available. Prices are also relatively low at just 79,000 dong ($4) for a regular bowl or 99,000 ($5) for a large. It’s no surprise that this spot has fast become a favourite with foodies và budget-conscious poke fans.

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If you’re feeling adventurous, Poke Indian has changed up the traditional Hawaiian recipe lớn create a tasty fusion bowl. Basmati or saffron rice replaces the usual sushi or brown variety and instead of cubed saltháng or tumãng cầu there’s chicken tikka or curried eggs on offer. It’s certainly an innovative way khổng lồ enjoy poke và is a one-of-a-kind restaurant anywhere, let alone in Saigon.

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