The Xiaomi mày 10400mAh Power bank has been superseded by their latest model.

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I highly recommend checking it out. Alternatively, head over khổng lồ our Best 20000mAh nguồn Bank page khổng lồ see an updated danh sách of the best nguồn banks currently available.
BrandModel No.CapacityUSB portsMax OutputLatest Price*Buy Online
XiaomiMi power Bank10400mAh13.6A $14.99view

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The mi Power Bank, also known as the ngươi power bank is lượt thích most other mi products – Very high quality at an extremely affordable price. That being said, there are a ton of fake Xiaomi power nguồn banks out there, so at the bottom of this reviews I will also take the time khổng lồ explain how you spot a genuine mi power ngân hàng from a fake.

The xiaomi Power ngân hàng – 10400mAh – thiết kế / Build Quality

The first noticeable feature of the ngươi Power ngân hàng is it’s impressively compact size. Considering it has 10400mAh’s of storage it’s surprisingly stumpy, a bit like a dwarf from Lord of the Rings only less hairy.

When compared in form size to the RAVPower 10400Mah charger (reviewed here) the Xioami power bank is over an inch less in length. I will make a point of comparing the mày Power bank to the RAVPower Element during this review simply because they are both 10400mAh và both of a similar price.

The xiaomi mi Power ngân hàng is made from a single piece of aluminium which has been CNC machined. The surface has a slight texture to it to assist with the grip & has an anodized finish which will prevent the surface from corrosion. The top & bottom of has a white plastic finish.

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On the đứng top of the power bank is a USB port for output & a micro USB port for input (recharging). There is also a button to kiểm tra the remaining charge which is indicated by 4 small LED lights which show 25% increments. As you can see from the photo above it all looks neat & tidy và the rounded sides make the xiaomi Power bank very comfortable lớn hold. Visually I would have to lớn say that the ngươi Power ngân hàng looks better than the RAVPower Element with it’s metal case.

The xiaomi mi Power bank – 10400mAh – Features

The xiaomi Power bank has the ability to automatically adjust it’s output to maximise the charging speed. This is handy for charging larger devices lượt thích Tablets as they most often take 2.1Amps. This feature is not chất lượng on power banks, infact many others also offer this facility to tự động adapt the output. The RAVPower Element has this feature, which they hotline “Smart” as bởi Anker chargers, they have named the giải pháp công nghệ “IQ”.

The most impressive feature of the xiaomi power ngân hàng has lớn be it’s large storage capacity considering it’s size. 10400mAh basically means you will get roughly 5-6 full charges of most modern smartphones. I personally like portable phone chargers that have this capacity or more as I’m lazy and always forget khổng lồ recharge nguồn banks. I find the smaller ones just don’t offer me enough leeway on being complacent.

At this point I’d like to point out the main flaw of the ngươi Power ngân hàng when compared khổng lồ most other 10400mAh + chargers – It has only one output. This bothers me as I often find myself using both outputs on the RAVPower. When I go on a trip away from home, I always take my phone và my iPad, they both need charging. I guess they could take their turn at getting charged, however this tends to lớn happen overnight, so having 2 outputs means I can charge both as I sleep.

The xiaomi Power ngân hàng – 10400mAh – review Conclusion

If you are looking for a well built, compact, yet powerful power ngân hàng at a seriously low price the Xiaomi mày charger ticks all those boxes. If you only really intend khổng lồ use it primarily to charge a single device lượt thích your smartphone, I cannot fault the mi Power Bank. However, if like me you are more likely lớn need lớn recharge more than one device simultaneously and you don’t mind swallowing an extra inch, I’d highly recommend the RAVPower Element.

Where lớn buy the xiaomi mi Power Bank?

As mentioned at the đứng đầu of this post, there are a hell of a lot of fakes in circulation. Lớn get a genuine mi Power ngân hàng online at the best price, I would suggest using Amazon. The link below will take you khổng lồ an Amazon listing of a genuine xiaomi Power bank.

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BrandModel No.CapacityUSB portsMax OutputLatest Price*Buy Online
XiaomiMi nguồn Bank10400mAh13.6A $14.99view