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Appeared since the Avengers sci-fi series was released; Ironman is a character with a huge fan base because of his bravery & “full of gray matter” armor. The most prominent feature of the armor is the arc reactor on the chest. Creating an arc reactor is a demand that many young people are trying to try. Recently, Smart Design Labs has successfully fabricated this department using 3 chiều công nghệ.

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Iron Man arc reactor

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In “Iron Man 1” when he was kidnapped, Tony Stark suffered a serious chest injury. Later, Tony had a heart surgery by Ho Yinsen và inserted an arc reactor heart khổng lồ save sầu Tony’s life. It doesn’t just act as a magnet for shrapnel; keeps them from stabbing Tony’s heart, but also energizing Iron Man’s armor.

DIY Iron Man arc reactor

To simulate Tony Stark’s arc reactor, Smart Design Labs engineers designed & 3 chiều printed; successfully manufactured this part.

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This hàng hóa is made with details printed by 3 chiều printer SDLs MX. Besides, we use transparent details with Mica.

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Inside the reactor model there are also LED parts và a motor lớn rotate the propeller.

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Let’s take a look at close-up photos and videos of this arc reactor.

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