A PES 2019 option file - or PES 2019 patch - is for some the thing that helps them fully Pro Evolution Soccer by ushering official licences, even if all of the best players in PES 2019 are officially included.

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Whilst playing as Man Red instead of Manchester United or MD trắng instead of Real Madrid doesn"t literally impact the kích hoạt itself, there is an argument to made that the lack of real names inhibits the overall spectacle.

Fortunately - for PlayStation 4 và PC players, at least - there"s a remarkably easy way of switching those mặc định names khổng lồ the real one.

Downloading fan-made patches to a USB stick và then onto your PS4 (or copying them across to game files directly on your PC) can replace every single unofficial team, stadium, kit, competition and/or badge in the game, meaning you"re able lớn make what is a decent footballing experience on the pitch also one of the most visually realistic.

The lovely promo image from the creator of the first PS4 Option File, linked below.

How to lớn import PES 2019 option files on PS4

PS4 players can now add massively detailed option files to PES 2019, with a new feature which makes it possible not only khổng lồ import the files, but to do so across multiple separate profiles with a single folder on a USB drive.

To vị so on PS4 specifically, simply follow the instructions below (a quick word of warning: obviously, whatever you tải về from mạng internet forums is done so at your own risk, so bear that in mind before you vày too much digging around!):

Format a USB drive khổng lồ FAT32Create a thư mục on the USB called WEPESIf they come in the size of a zipped folder, unzip that folder into your WEPES folder on the USB. If not, simply make sure all contents of the download are in the WEPES folder.Plug the USB drive into your PS4 and mở cửa up PES 2019.Head lớn the Edit menu, then Data Management, then Import/Export.Then, select Import Team, tick all of the boxes on the following "Select File" page & continue. Next is the "Detailed Settings", leave all boxes unticked here.The files will then automatically be added, the time depending on how many teams/leagues you have decided to add.Be sure to select the "Save" option on the "Data Management" page which pops up at the kết thúc of the process, và you"re all set for most of the details.The tournament logos still need khổng lồ be added manually, however, so head back khổng lồ "Data Management", then "Import/Export", và select "Import Images".Next, select the "Competition Emblems" option in the "Import Images" screen.Tick all of the individual images (not the folders), và press OK.Finally, you need lớn edit each competition manually with their newly imported logos, by burrowing down through the "Competition Category" pages which will follow the logo import.
PES 2019 game play - Pro Evo 2019 Announcement Trailer - Beckham, Coutinho - PS4, Xbox One

With those steps followed, you now have a complete phối of teams with official names, logos, tournaments, kits & badges, just as if you were playing a fully licensed version of the game.

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Some of the more obscure leagues và players included in this image of the PC option tệp tin from the creator, linked below.

How to tải về and install PES 2019 option files on PC

Things are a little more nebulous for PC players of PES 2019, with the installation process of the fan-made patch requiring a different, albeit still simple, method to lớn the USB trick on PS4. PC patches can also be a littler harder to come by soon after release, but they are out there.

One option is this patch from, although it"s still untested on PC at the time of writing - keep an eye on pes-patch và PES World for more soon if it doesn"t work just yet.

Another site, PTE patch, should have some soon too. Lớn install them, follow the simple steps below:

Head to one of the links above and tải về the patch.Follow the instructions or prompts provided once downloaded.When the installer asks for a thư mục to export to lớn on your PC, select your PC install file. For Steam players, for example, this would normally be C:SteamSteamAppsCommonPro Evolution Soccer 2019 (note that the drive letter "C" will of course vary according khổng lồ which drive you install your games to).Test whether the installation has worked by heading lớn the Edit thực đơn in-game, as you would lớn install on PS4 or edit teams manually, then heading to lớn the Teams menu & checking the team names, logos & kits from there.

That should bởi it for PC players, but do lưu ý that other, more comprehensive patches are likely to surface for PC as time goes by. Make sure khổng lồ keep an eye out on community sites lượt thích PesWorld and Pes-Patch over the coming few weeks.

How khổng lồ get real club names, competitions & kits in PES 2019 on Xbox One

Sadly for Xbox One owners there is no ability khổng lồ transfer và install an option file at present. Rather than being able to simply import externally created files from a USB drive, Xbox One players will instead need to lớn manually edit the teams, kits, & competitions in-game.

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Fortunately, PES 2019 does include a comprehensive editor built into the game, as it did last year. Head khổng lồ the Edit option again, & there you"ll find the options lớn manually change things like team names - we"ve compiled a menu of real team names to lớn save you some time - along with competition names, kit colours (although not sponsors và logos), and more.