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PES 16 Avõ thuật is one of the most realistic Esport games of all time. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 provides the best soccer gaming platform for the fans to lớn enjoy. If you are looking for a platkhung khổng lồ get realistic-gaming, then you have to play this amazing game.

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There are different types of sports, which people prefer lớn play. But football is the world’s most popular sport, which has billions of fans all over the globe. People love lớn watch their favorite team play & win. So, we are here with this platsize, through which you can be a part of it.

What is PES 16 Apk?

PES 16 Achiến đấu is an Android gaming application, which provides the most realistic esports platkhung for the fans of soccer. Play with your favorite team và start winning different events. You can instantly rank your team to lớn the top & play against the toughest players.

Pro Evolution Soccer is a series, which provides the most advanced gaming platforms for fans to lớn enjoy football. With each new series, it has been developed so well và provides the best platform. In this amazing version, multiple updates have sầu been made, which we are going to lớn mô tả with you.

Different professional players have been signed as the cover of the game. So, you will get Neymar Jr on the cover of the PES năm 2016 Ahành động. It provides the actual boost for the Neymar Jr fans, too proud of their hero.

Some of the new models are also introduced for the players khổng lồ have sầu something different. If you are frustrated with playing against bots, then it offers online gaming. So, you can find online opponents, with them you can play và enjoy.

MyClub mode offers players to build their dream team, using all your players’ trading cards. So, you can have your favorite players and start playing with your friends. So, if you want to have a tín đồ then you have to give it a try.


In the previous version, the graphics were good, but the most realistic graphics have been introduced in PES năm nhâm thìn Mobile for the users. You can find High-unique graphics, through which you can have a clear view of all players.


The slow-motion feature is one of the best features of the game. Players usually lượt thích lớn play the direct game, but here you can have the best experience. You can have sầu slow motion, with each score, or special movement in it.


There are limited stadiums has been available in the Android version for the users. The license of stadiums is a big issue for the developers, which is one of the main reasons the stadiums are limited. But you can have tons of stadiums here.

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New Leagues

You know in PES 15 some of the leagues were missing in the game, due khổng lồ the license issues. But in this, all license issues have sầu been resolved, và know you can have all the best collections of leagues & cups here. Some of the events are available below for you.

UEFA ChampionsUEFA EuropeUEFA Super CupLigue 1La LigaAFC ChampionsUEFA Super CupCopa SudamericanaPremier LeagueMany MoreTeams & Players

Most of the players were missing in 15, but here you have sầu them all và even some of the new players too. 8 new teams have sầu been introduced in it for the players. You can get 51 new extra players too, which means there will be more choices.

There are more amazing features that have sầu been developed in PES 16 Achiến tranh OBB., but you have to lớn explore all of them. Some people also want to lớn know the gameplay of the game, which is very simple và easy. So, we are going to nói qua it with you below.

How khổng lồ Play PES 16 trò chơi on Android? 

If you are new lớn this gaming platform, then don’t worry we are going lớn tóm tắt all about it with you all. Once all the registration process is complete, then you have lớn launch the game on your device. It will provide you multiple options, which you can explore.

But we are going to nội dung some of the basics of gaming. The first thing is khổng lồ find your character manager. There are multiple managers available, which you can choose from. Once, you are done with the character selection process, and then it’s time to lớn build your team.

There are multiple ways to lớn get a team in PES 2016 Akungfu. You can start with the available built-in team, you can join any team as their manager, or you can build your team. To make the process easy, just join the available teams.

There will be different events available for you, which you can play. But you should go with a friendly match first to lớn kiểm tra your abilities. If you think, you can take the other team easily, then start playing in events & win them.

With each win, your rank will be increase and get more points. So, you can upgrade your players, kits, & other features. There are more features in it, which you can explore with time. So, PES 16 Download & start playing.

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How lớn Download PES năm 2016 Mobile?

The game tệp tin size is large, which is why we have sầu the OBB & Ahành động. So, you have lớn download PES 16 Apk Obb from this page. We are going lớn share the download buttons at the top & bottom of the page. Tap on it & wait a few seconds, the downloading will start automatically.

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Screenshots of Game
Main Features of the AppFree khổng lồ Download & PlayBest và Realistic Gaming PlatformHigh-unique Graphics100+ Professional Players CharactersReal-time Stadiums, Leagues, & CupsSlow MotionsHigh-Number of AnimationsSmooth and Fast Controls ResponsiveOnline and Offline GameplayUser-friendly InterfaceReal-time CommentaryNo-Ads AvailableMany MoreFinal Words

PES 16 Akungfu is going khổng lồ fulfill the dreams of many football fans lớn be not only a part of their favorite them but lớn the manager of the team. So, fulfill your wishes with this amazing tiện ích and enjoy your quality time with it.

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