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One Punch Man: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Orobỏ ra Orobỏ ra is one of One Punch Man"s best villains. Here"s what you need to know about hyên ổn.

Orochi is ahy vọng the best villains in One Punch Man. Also known as the Monster King, he is one of the primary antagonists of the Human Monster Saga. Due to the nature of Saitama"s power, and his habit of taking down enormous monsters with minimal khổng lồ no effort, it takes an impressive sầu beast to pose any real threat while One Punch Man"s around.

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Orochi is one such beast, with an enviable variety of incredible superpowers. But he wasn"t born a quái dị, và it"s his lingering traits from his days as a genus human scientist combined with his monstrous abilities that make hyên ổn such a truly formidable character.

In Japanese mythology, the Orođưa ra is a serpent-Long with 8 heads and 8 tails, & its titanic toàn thân is said lớn cover over 8 valleys & 8 hills. Susano - a man created by the 7th generation of celestial gods - was visited by the Orobỏ ra once a year while in exile from the heavens, & was forced khổng lồ sacrifice one of his daughters to the beast lớn be devoured every time. The secret to lớn defeating this monster? Susano - presumably played by Jason Bateman - got each of its 8 heads drunk on sake. The Orochi"s just mad for the stuff apparently. Then he just slew it with ease.

9 The Man

Once upon a time, Orobỏ ra was just a man, albeit a rather impressive one. He was a genius in the fields of both science and combat, but he was also a very antisocial & bitter man. Not much is known of his past, but even before his transformation he already felt alienated by society, which is a common starting point for many screen villains. The more someone is actively or passively alienated by society, the more disassociated they become, and soon they start khổng lồ build a generalized hatred for human beings. They grow hungry for attention, respect, and recognition, & any kind of empathy goes out the window...

Everything changed when Orobỏ ra was captured by Gyoro Gyoro. Gyoro Gyoro - who was nothing more than an independent "meat-puppet" of powerful esper Psykos - used tried-and-true methods that make becoming an Orc look lượt thích a picnic in comparison.

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These methods included: cell transfusions, Boss cannibalism (the common process of humans ingesting quái dị cells & thus slowly becoming a monster) and intense psychological torture. Gyoro Gyoro"s work was so successful Orochi became powerful enough lớn end up out-ranking Psykos herself. Orobỏ ra went on to lớn perfect the process that created hlặng.

7 The Monster

His horrific transformation didn"t vì much for an already damaged personality. Orođưa ra in all his forms was perpetually serious & would give sầu off a threatening air. He had no tolerance for failure or disobedience & frequently punished those who failed hyên. Though he enjoyed the thrill of battle, he took no pleasure in punishment, quickly dispatching his underlings rather than taking his time torturing them. He quickly proved himself to be a cold-hearted and ruthless opponent, but it was all a calculated facade from a pragmatic, calculating man of great intelligence.

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After his transformation, Orochi"s humanoid face remained, but the rest of his body toàn thân had been warped inlớn a giant monstrous size. He has multiple horns atop his head và an insane amount of sharp teeth in several rows. In this khung, he normally wears a large cloak khổng lồ conceal his appearance, but underneath his body appears khổng lồ be wrapped in serpents, & under closer inspection, these interweaving serpents seem to size his entire toàn thân, which helps hyên shape-shift efficiently during battle. His shoulders, fingers, & knees give the impression of disturbing faces. He often shapeshifts inlớn the vague likeness of a Phoenix in combat.

5 Powers

Orobỏ ra isn"t quite classed as a top-tier god-lượt thích villain, but he"s considered khổng lồ be above sầu dragon-status, the next tier down, arguably making him the strongest boss khủng in the Monster Association. The powers he"s demonstrated thus far include superhuman strength & speed, shapeshifting, pyrokinesis (ie breathing fire from any of his mouths), electrokinesis (can shoot lightning from any of his limbs), the ability to extkết thúc & contort his limbs and horns, high-functioning monster-cell reproduction, & regeneration. He also remains a formidable martial artist và has mastered the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.

Orođưa ra can usually be found creating monster cells for humans khổng lồ consume, something he is very passionate about. In aid of this cause, he frequently commits acts of terrorism. As well as being guilty of the crimes, he tortured & manipulated many others into acts of murder through cannibalism and turning non-consenting humans into lớn monsters, having perfected the process by which he himself was unwillingly turned inlớn a boss khủng. He is known to lớn be perpetually serious since his transformation, và his passion for power doesn"t leave much room for kicking baông xã and relaxing, but he does enjoy a great many fights.

3 Other Names

Orobỏ ra is often known as the Monster King, due mainly khổng lồ being the self-proclaimed king of the monsters, though as Head of the Monster Association it"s a fair statement. He has also earned the name Lord Orochi with the respect and reverence he"s found through his authoritative position within the boss khủng community.

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Another, less reverent title is King of the Worms, a dig at the snakes that form his body as well as his monstrous followers. And Orođưa ra is, of course, an alias. His real name, lượt thích his true origin, is unknown.

Orobỏ ra became a formidable aước ao monsters soon after he became one, and had enough of a following to become the Head of the Monster Association and unite the greedy deceitful beings with the goal of destroying the Hero Association. Psykos, the renowned esper ultimately responsible for Orochi"s transformation, reached the mere role of military advisor. Orođưa ra was a good fit for the job, with a firm handle on war & a knaông xã for manipulating people, often keeping his cards cđại bại khổng lồ his chest and keeping his followers on a need-to-know basis.

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1 A World Of Monsters

Orochi"s true passion, one he shares with the Boss association, is to create a world of monsters. The Hero Association is a mere obstacle on the path khổng lồ this ambitious goal. This would be achieved using the same disturbing methods that transformed Orođưa ra and many others. It may seem lượt thích destiny to lớn the once introverted genius warrior scientist who sought khổng lồ take on the world. It would be an act of revenge against all the insufferably ordinary people who used khổng lồ haunt hyên, by making them feel just like hyên, and become just lượt thích hyên ổn, only smaller...

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