Outfit Of The Day

What does ootd mean?

Ootd, an internet abbreviation for outfit of the day, refers lớn what someone’s wearing on a particular day, usually in the context of fashion blogging. It can also mean a particularly fashionable outfit, or the photoshoot involved in taking an ootd photo for a social network.

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“my character is that one cousin that shows up lớn your family christmas các buổi party and she's shooting an ootd bc she instagram famous now”
New year, same me
-OOTD Deets-Top & leggings

The term ootd, as noted, is often used as a hashtag, allowing fashion bloggers to lớn see each others’ outfits. However, it’s made the shift into a noun as well. One can refer to lớn “a great ootd” or even ask “is this an ootd?”

This latter phrase demonstrates how an ootd has come lớn stand for more than just “what I wore today.” An ootd is a look, rather than just a collection of assembled clothes. It has connotations of style, trendiness, and being well put together. It’s a lifestyle.

An ootd can also refer lớn the actual photographs that comprise an ootd post. This use appears, for instance, in posts about how to lớn take the perfect ootd. This suggests that there can be a certain style to lớn ootd photographs.

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There are many related fashion and beauty terms that use the same concepts in a slightly different way. For instance, ootw stands for outfits of the week, và generally involves posting a whole week’s worth of outfits with details. Muotd stands for make-up of the day, và involves posting the make-up that user wore that day. A very similar concept is notd, or nails of the day.

The phrase ootd has become popular enough và attained enough positive connotations that there’s a book called #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Sew & Style, which offers tutorials on how to lớn sew your own wardrobe. There’s even a fashion coloring book named #OOTD.

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While ootd is used more commonly among women, many men also show off their fresh-looking threads on social truyền thông with #ootd.