14 Gecko Moria Ideas


While running this roleplaying ask blog, certain questions have popped up repeatedly- days after being answered, in some cases- so I figured it would be a good idea to lớn provide a handy FAQ and menu of questions that I probably will not answer. Since many fans, myself included, can be niggly about a series’ canon, I’ve tried lớn mostly follow it, but I’ve also been happy lớn break with canon when I think I can make a đáng yêu or funny gag of something. Don’t consider this blog a reflection of One Piece canon.

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“What race are you?”

Canonically, Moria is a living human. The only sapient non-human races in One Piece are Giants, Tontatta, Fishmen và Minks và as he lacks gills & isn’t big enough khổng lồ be a Giant, he’s a human by process of elimination. A really big ugly weird-looking human, but we’ve seen a lot of bizarre human characters in One Piece so far, so he really isn’t so remarkable. In some cases, different ‘races’ of human come from different islands, (Scratchmen Apoo comes from an island of men with unusually long, double-jointed arms) so maybe Moria, Magellan, Hannyabal and the other demonic-looking characters all share the same homeland!

“Why are there stitches on your face? / Are there stitches elsewhere on your body?”

I’ve drawn gags involving his body being layered lượt thích an onion or being unlaced in the front for a medical examination, but canonically, we may never know. The cross-stitches running up the front of Moria’s toàn thân weren’t explained in the series, which means that they probably don’t serve an important purpose to lớn his abilities, và are just a neat fashion statement.

As for having stitches on his junk, he doesn’t, but he might have a frenum piercing.

“Where is your chin?”

One of Moria’s distinctive features is his really long neck and apparent lack of chin. He was depicted as having a defined jaw when he was younger, và the most likely explanation for his absent jawline is that he is quite a bit fatter & older than he was twenty years ago, and he has simply accumulated a double-chin.

“Do you paint your nails/lips/hair?”

I have no idea if Moria’s skin and hair colour are natural, though he has claimed that he doesn’t use makeup. I draw him with long purple nails on his fingers và toes when they are visible because long nails seemed the best way to lớn explain his clawed hands, & the purple colour is already a part of his design, so it makes a nice accent colour. (when his bare feet were visible, the appearance of his toenails was inconsistently ‘normal’ or ‘sharp and purple’) It’s the same reason that I never shade in his eyes- it just makes them stand out more.

“Are you in love with….”

Shipping questions are always popular in fandom. Canonically, none of the Shichibukai seem to lượt thích each other that much, & I doubt that Moria’s love life will ever be brought up in One Piece.

Acanonically, the character who I get the most shipping questions about is the Bible-toting Bartholomew Kuma, the Shichibukai who visited Moria during the Thriller Bark arc, and the only other Shichibukai who is 22+ feet tall. While this is hardly a “yaoi” blog, I’ve been willing to lớn play these questions for comedy, as they appeal to my đen sense of humour! Kuma is Moria’s complete opposite; he’s calm, thoughtful, well-behaved và laconic, and he never acts without purpose. He has also been voluntarily converted into a mindless automaton at the hands of the mysterious Dr. Vegapunk, which makes the concept of Moria trying khổng lồ have a relationship with him all the more dysfunctional & hilariously tragic. Whether his feelings were reciprocated isn’t that important, especially as Moria himself would probably be an awful person lớn have a relationship with.

“Are you gay?”

Canonically, Moria’s romantic aspirations remain unexplored và are probably irrelevant, and he strikes me as the kind of laid-back guy who wouldn’t concern himself with putting a label on his sex life. In answering questions, he’s claimed khổng lồ have slept with many people & has said that he’d lượt thích to date an Amazon. The truth is a mystery!

“Do you like bats/geckos? Are you a bat or a gecko?”

The original Shichibukai roster was made up of seven pirates with their own animal theme, including Moria. While his name, (ゲッコー・モリア - written in English as “Gekko Moriah” on some merchandise) could refer khổng lồ the Japanese word for gecko, (ヤモリ - yamori) it could also refer to lớn the Japanese word for moonlight (月光 - gekko) or the Japanese word for bat (蝙蝠 - komori). I’ve gone with bats as Moria’s theme animal for a simple reason.


The animal companions/accessories of other Shichibukai matched their names- Boa Hancock has a pet snake (Salomae) and snakejewellery, Sir Crocodile has giant bananadiles, and Moria is surrounded by bats. His signature attack is a shadow bat swarm, his ‘jolly roger’ is a horned, batwinged skull, Thriller Bark’s native bats appear in every outdoor scene throughout the arc, two of his important minions have a dracula/bat theme to lớn their appearance, the figurehead for the smaller boat that Absalom and Hogback escape on with their beaten master at the kết thúc of the arc is a bat, etc, etc. Bats have an association with horror và the supernatural that geckos vị not, và while Oda has never made a definitive menu for Shichibukai/animal themes, it doesn’t make sense that Moria would have so many bat-related frills on his ship & in his arsenal if he was supposed khổng lồ be associated with an animal that doesn’t appear at all during his arc.

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As for Moria’s “Brick Bat” & love for bats, it’s simple. They’re fun! Bats are the perfect animal for a villain who likes being scary và playful…. & besides, if he fought by simply impaling people on a shadow spine or cleaving their shadows and letting them burn up in the sun, he’d be a much less comedic villain.

“Why are you so big / fat / lazy?”

I’m not privy to why Oda has decided lớn make some characters in One Piece unnaturally tall. In Moria’s case, his size, (like his appearance) is probably a reflection of his evil personality. He’s a tyrant who bears a lot of similarities to lớn the god Hades, ruling over the dead và holding their souls prisoner, but lượt thích Hades, he is lazy & melancholic, preferring to lớn bide his time and wait for the perfect opportunity. He sleeps for days on a regular basis, và aspires khổng lồ become the Pirate King through the use of his obedient undead minions.

When he was younger, Moria was very ambitious, but it seems likely that after the death of his old crew, he let himself go, physically and mentally.

“Can you do … with your kage-kage no mi?”

Like most devil fruit powers in One Piece, Moria’s shadow powers & the effects of his shadow theft are well-defined và limited by several rules.

The laws of nature dictate that every living being has one living shadow, which follows them throughout their life. It is analog khổng lồ the soul.If a person’s shadow is removed, they no longer cast a reflection & sunlight will cause them to lớn dissolve in flames. This is because their existence now violates the above rule- their death will resolve the absence of a shadow beneath their feet.Moria’s nguồn allows him khổng lồ steal the shadows of others by tugging them from the ground and cutting them off, in defiance of the natural order. He can then absorb them into his own body, growing stronger in the process, or implant them into a dead body to animate it- with a living shadow, a corpse must rise và move in accordance with nature.Moria’s power nguồn allows him khổng lồ further defy the natural order in two ways, by controlling the shadow independent of the body’s size and causing the body to reflect the shadow’s shape. Whether he can alter his shape or size by manipulating his own shadow is unclear.

“Tell me about/show me your old crew”

With a battle against Kaidou (the yonkou who annihilated Moria’s old crew) looming on the horizon of the Straw Hats’ journey through the New World, it seems possible that Moria & his old nakama might eventually be brought up again in the series, and consequently, I’ve been hesitant khổng lồ go into detail about his old friends or crewmates. I could easily fill their history in as a fan, but I’d rather wait and see what happens in the series with Kaidou, for now!

Memes and other questions I am not likely lớn answer.

I get a steady amount of asks for this blog, và despite real life và other things making my posts here slow down a little, I fully intend lớn keep answering your strange và inane questions for Moria! Sometimes it takes me weeks or even months to come up with an idea for a funny response lớn a question, and I can’t guarantee that I will answer every question I get, but I vì chưng my best và I appreciate all of the questions that are thrown my way. That said, I thought I would mention here that there are a few kinds of asks that I’m totally unlikely lớn answer.

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Chain letters: I despise chain letters. It’s nothing personal khổng lồ the people who send them, I just don’t lượt thích them at all & will never reply to or reblog a chain letter.Memes: Memes can be funny, but most of the time, they’re simply a stand-in for humour, & posting a meme as a question rarely even makes sense.Goofy comments that aren’t questions: A comment like, “I like your ass!” can be funny sometimes, but there’s not really a way to lớn answer something that when it isn’t posited as a question, and what’s more, I get tons of asks like this.Questions that have already been answered: This goes out khổng lồ the second person who asked if Moria has stitches on his tallywhacker.Questions about the OOC: I have a personal blog. This blog is my goofy roleplaying blog.Questions relating khổng lồ other anime/games/etc: I can’t really say how Moria feels about characters from Naruto or whether he’s watched the Evil Dead films.Questions about One Piece characters that Moria has never met or heard of: These questions are also really difficult to answer. While Moria might have an opinion on a famous revolutionary like Monkey D. Dragon, he never would have heard of a character like Enel.