Octopath traveler: champions of the continent


Octopath Traveler is a role-playing đoạn clip game developed by Square Enix together with Acquire. Developers released the trò chơi for various consoles separately. For instance, Octopath Traveler was released for Nintendo switch in July 2018, its Microsoft Windows version was released in June 2019, a year later và for stadia, the game was released in April 2020. After all the versions of Octopath Traveler were released, the game sold about 2.5 million copies worldwide và garnered positive acclamation worldwide. Mostly praiseworthy are its graphic works, visuals, and art style.

The release of Octopath Traveler was announced on January 13, 2017, under the project titled the same. A playable kiểm tra was consequently released on 13 September 2017. It was shortly followed by the release of the second demo. The second test received better reviews as it featured enhanced mechanics và more playable characters in the game. The second chạy thử had a playtime of about 3 hours. It consisted of mainly every level’s narrative, with certain areas inaccessible. With the game’s release in 2018, a special edition of the game, including the game’s soundtrack, in-game currency, & other elements was also released the same day. 

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What is Octopath Traveler about? 

The trò chơi is set in the regions of Orsterra. It’s believed that a group of thirteen deities created that land before twelve was compelled lớn seal the fallen god Galdera. Galdera refused to lớn relinquish what the deities created within the afterworld which is accessible through the locked Gates of Finis. 

Players follow the journey of 8 heroes as they explore the land of Orsterra: Ophilia is a cleric of the sacred flame who sets out on a religious pilgrimage, Cyrus is a scholar who teaches at the royal academy, Tressa is a merchant who ventures after getting a journal with the details of a past adventurer’s travels, Olberic was a knight of the Kingdom of Hornburg who explores to find out his life’s purpose after his kingdom was captured và destroyed by a sellsword named Werner, Primrose is a former Nobel và a dancer, who seeks revenge against the Obsidians which is a criminal organisation that is responsible behind her father’s death. 

Alfyn a travelling apothecary-inspired khổng lồ study medicine after a strange saved his life from a chronic disease when he was a child, Therion who’s a thief commanded by a Nobel family to fetch phối of long stones belonging to them and Haanit, a hunter in search for her mentor who was in tìm kiếm for a beast named Redeye. 


As we already mentioned, Octopath Traveler is an RPG that features a graphical aesthetic termed HD-2D as suggested by developers. This style is the combination of the retro super NES style characters and textures with multi-dimensional environments và enhanced, HD effects. In the game, players take the role of any of the eight playable adventurers who mix out on their journey in different ways. Every character comes from a different place, each of which affects their future course of action. 

Players have their quality path action command that can be used while conversing with NCPs. Now, the path kích hoạt course is divided into two categories.

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Some players adopt a noble, effective course that is affected by the character’s abilities and in-game currencies while others adopt a rogue course which is not usually recommended as it risks losing the character’s credibility. 

If you have lost enough good reputation & you are no longer wanted in a town, you can’t use your path actions on the various NCPs of that town. For instance, Cyrus và Alfyn can enquire about certain informational, Olberic và Haanit can challenge other characters, Therion và Tressa can collect items directly from NCPs, & lastly, Primrose & Ophilia can guide the NCPs and use them as guest summons. 

Octopath Traveler features turn-based battles where players can attack using different varieties of weapons. They can also utilise their abilities and other items they already have in stock khổng lồ defend themselves. Playable characters are rewarded with boost points once every turn gets complete. Of these rewards or points, they can save up lớn 5 points. During battles or turns, players can use 3 of these stored points khổng lồ gain an edge over their enemies or boost a command. When their performance rates or nguồn gets boosted, they can attack the enemies multiple times, employing a better defense mechanism or even enhance their potency of an ability. 

However, boost points aren’t earned at the end of the turn if you have already used boost points to lớn win the turn. Every enemy has a shield counter. Every time they are attacked with weapons or elements they are weak against, the shield lowers, making them vulnerable. When the counter drops down completely, enemies can be attacked và killed even.

Features of Octopath Traveler 

The trò chơi comprises 8 travellers & allows players lớn experience 8 different journeys in the land of Orsterra. Players have got 8 roles khổng lồ play. Are you ready khổng lồ embark on an unforgettable, intriguing journey across the wondrous & vast world of Orsterra? As you discover captivating stories và live the lives of 8 heroes, you would be amazed lớn experience the game’s vast scope & contents. Besides the main missions, the game also provides for various side quests, offering more content to players. We have listed below some of the important features you must know. 


Impressive graphics 

Players get to lớn experience graphics inspired by 2d RPGs combined with realistic elements mix in a 3-dimensional world. 

Upon its release, the game received roughly favourable review from critics & gamers. It’s called the magical role-playing trò chơi that Nintendo Switch needed. Some even praise it for its innovative battle system, character development, storyline, etc. The game feels original, uniquely, and well developed. Developers have subtly linked the narrative of every player’s journey with each other giving them a comprehensive end.