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Naruto: 10 Ino Yamanaka Facts Most Fans Don't Know Most fans rethành viên Ino as Sakura"s love rival, but there"s way more khổng lồ her character than just her petty Sasuke obsession.

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Although lots of characters go through major leaps in personal development throughout Naruto, one of the main characters that change the most- & definitely for the better- has khổng lồ be Ino. Originally completely consumed by her rivalry with Sakura involving Sasuke, the two are able to lớn rekindle their bond over time, and Ino even saves her from being killed well before the two ever biến hóa.

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While she can come off as incredibly tough, she harbors a soft spot for those who can"t st& up for themselves và tends to lớn vì whatever she can khổng lồ help them regardless of the details of the situation. Combine this with her extensive sầu knowledge of & love for flowers and her absolutely charming kiến thiết, and it"s simply a shame she couldn"t have been given more screen time. However, despite not being the most present part of the cast, there"s still a lot of little details snuông xã in about her that one might miss.

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Within the Infinite Tsukuyomày, Ino"s deepest desire was actually to lớn have sầu both Sasuke và Sai fighting over her and trying to lớn win her affections. However, she"s one of the only characters who has their Tsukuyongươi desire and their real-world desires cease lining up, as is the case with Shikamaru. As Ino spends more time with Sai, she ultimately forms a deeper bond with him and a yearning khổng lồ learn more about hlặng that far surpassed the surface-cấp độ attraction that she used to hold for Sasuke.

9 Eye Màu sắc Swap

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In the anime, Ino"s light-xanh eyes are one of the most striking parts of her design, and it would be pretty difficult to lớn picture her without them. However, this eye color actually isn"t the only one that she"s seen with, at least not in the manga.

Although it often doesn"t make much sense, it isn"t uncomtháng for characters" eye or hair color lớn differ between adaptations. In Ino"s case, in the manga, her eyes can sometimes be seen as green.

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When one thinks of Ino from her days bachồng at the academy, it can be easy to simply rethành viên her petty rivalry with Sakura and how infatuated she was over Sasuke. However, those actually aren"t her only defining traits from baông xã then- she was also noted to lớn be exceptionally smart, tying with Shino và Sasuke in terms of academy intelligence. Both her father & her sensei admit that she was shown to have sầu the potential to surpass everyone in her family & become the strongest member of the Yamanaka Clan. She also showed a talent for chakra control as young as when she was still a genin.

7 Technique"s Original Purpose

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It"s no exaggeration lớn say that the Mind Body Switch technique is Ino"s signature move sầu, especially when she"s able lớn make use of it in a three-man-squad. The biggest drawback is that her toàn thân is left completely vulnerable, so it"s a lifesaver having teammates that can help cover her.

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Although Ino is really only seen using this technique on other ninja less than a handful of times, the jutsu"s true purpose is a much safer method. The Mind Body Switch technique was actually originally developed lớn be used on animals so that one can infiltrate & gain enemy information more easily. It makes sense that viewers wouldn"t get to lớn see Ino use it much for this purpose, as she isn"t really the stealthy-infiltration type.

It can be difficult khổng lồ gauge exactly how a character"s abilities line up simply by watching them on screen, which is what makes the official Naruto databooks so useful. Ino- and the other characters that viewers have followed since they were genin- have several different lists of statistics from different points of time throughout the series. However, this will be based on her final stats, as they"re the closest lớn her end-of-series power.

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Her highest stat is ninjutsu, coming in at a three-and-a-half out of five sầu. Her genjutsu and intelligence both sit at a three, while her strength, speed, stamina, và h& signs are all an average two-and-a-half. Finally, her taijutsu is her worst trait at only a one-and-a-half.

5 Interrogation Expert

Due to Ino excelling at so much- using flowers in her own offensive jutsu, chakra control, general intelligence- it can be easy to forget some of her lesser-focused on abilities. One such skill is the ability lớn read other people"s minds without the need to lớn use any size of external equipment. Called the Psymang lại Mind Transmission technique, it"s done by placing one"s palm on another"s head to extract memories, even those that have been blocked or forgotten by the target itself. With this, she"s able lớn interrogate people for hidden information or even lớn deduce if they"re under control by someone else.

It"s no surprise that up until she met Sai, Ino was completely and utterly obsessed with Sasuke. It"s not like she really had a choice- since Sakura had broken off their friendship & declared a rivalry between them, she"d be practically admitting defeat if she wasn"t. However, she actually confesses that she could see herself falling for someone else, & it"s truly surprising.

After Naruto"s victory over Pain, albeit only in the anime, Ino remarks that she could almost see herself falling for Naruto lớn. This is to lớn the shoông chồng of both of her teammates, as not even they expected something lượt thích this from her.

3 Video trò chơi Appearances And Skillset

Over the years, Ino has made her appearance in a whopping total of thirty games, but her canon skillset isn"t exactly the most suited for a flashy fighting game playstyle. Simply having Mind Transfer Jutsu at her disposal doesn"t really work for an offensive skillmix, so her abilities had to lớn be tweaked quite a bit.

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In the series" video clip games, Ino is often seen using flashy flower-based attacks as well as acrobatic physical attacks. Sadly, neither of these are abilities present in her canon skillset, though it"d be easy for someone who grew up on the games lớn believe otherwise.

Fans of the series who also appreciate well-done live-action adaptations will be thrilled to lớn know that Ino makes an appearance in a wonderfully-done live version of the first twenty-seven volumes of the manga. Called Live Spectacle Narukhổng lồ, it"s one of the rare live-action adaptation that"s actually done surprisingly well. One bạn who was lucky enough to lớn see one of its limited runs posted about it on the Naruto subreddit, stating that it equaled or even surpassed the huge Western shows they"d seen over the years.

Anju Inami initially plays Ino but is replaced in later performances by Kaoru Fujiki. However, no reason is given as to why.

1 Most Treasured Item

The series" databooks are good for more than simply listing character statistics. They also tkết thúc khổng lồ list off other small details about a character that might not get mentioned for everyone in the show, such as their hobbies and favorite food.

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One of the more interesting tidbits happens to lớn be a character"s favorite vật phẩm, & for Ino"s, it"s actually something no longer in her own possession. Showing just how sweet of a bond the two cốt truyện, Ino"s most prized tác phẩm is actually the flower that she gave sầu to lớn Sakura when the two first became friends.

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