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There is a tradition in DotA in which, after every 10 maps" series, IceFrog plants a secret quest in the game.The quests usually involve summoning và slaying of the trùm which later gets added as a hero in next bản đồ, it also gives you a great reward công trình for its completion.TheDotA 6.79 has met 6.x9requirement of Secret Quest so, it is now officially included in the bản đồ. This time, the quest is very tricky and looks impossible to persize in both Single Player và LAN mode. We had to use modified kiểm tra map to lớn complete it.

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It is a similar lớn previous DotA 6.69 Phoenix Quest. Our objective is lớn spawn Sun Wukong trùm using the hints found in the bản đồ & then kill hlặng for a reward tòa tháp. Follow the guide below!
Sun Wukong does not spawn in Single Player mode and test commvà. Performing the quest without cheats is extremely hard và time consuming, so we need a modified version of v6.69 bản đồ that triggers the trùm and allows us to use thử nghiệm commands at same time.

Modified 6.79 map (see download at bottom of page)Rikimaru"s Smoke ScreenMonkey King Bar ItemStorm Spirit"s Lightning Ball

Level up (-lvlup 25)Invincibility (whosyourdaddy)Unlimited heroes piông chồng (-noherolimit)No cooldown/mamãng cầu mode(-wtf)All piông chồng heroes (-ap)Explored bản đồ (iseedeadpeople)

Step #1
Collect the 5 Peach items found on minimap, vì not try lớn use/eat them. See the pictures below for their location in the map. When you pichồng the 5th Peach, the peaches will combine into a Greater Peach, don"t use it either. See the pictures below for peach locations.

Step #2
Now, a triangle will appear at the top Rune location. Buy Monkey King Bar, and drop both MKB và Greater Peach in the middle of the triangle.

Step #3
After putting the items in the triangle, use Rikimaru"s 1st spell Smoke Screen over it. Your items will disappear & Sun Wukong will spawn.
There will be a 20 pause, then Sun Wukong will randomly challenge any anh hùng within 1800 Area for a race to lớn the bottom Rune. Then a 5 second countdown begins, both Sun Wukong và nhân vật gets lined up for a race. You need khổng lồ win the race or else you will fail the quest. How? Read below.

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The 5 second race countdown begins.Sun Wukong starts running & ensnares you lớn ground for 5 secondsYou have sầu 6 seconds before he reaches the finish flag at bottom rune
This is where Storm Spirit comes in, the ensnare does not prsự kiện Lightning Ball ability from functioning, you can use it to lớn win the race.
After you win the race, Sun Wukong will generate 5 copies of himself near the Roshan. You need to lớn attachồng the right one or else quest will fail once again. You can detect the real one easily, if you cliông xã him right before he multiplies.
Step #6
If you selected the real image, quest continues và Sun Wukong challenges you for a battle. Now, you have sầu đôi mươi minutes time to defeat hlặng or quest fails & gives you Monkey King Bar baông chồng. If you kill him before duration, you get a reward Genuine Monkey King Bar tác phẩm.
The reward tác phẩm is very powerful. It gives you Active sầu Truestrike, 90% evasion, 1100 area True Sight, auto-dominate nearby enemy illusions & +10000 attaông chồng damage. Also provides attack/movespeed aura for your allies.Download DotA 6.79 Modified Secret Quest Map
It includes the quest trả lời & modified 6.79 bản đồ that forces Sun Wukong khổng lồ spawn in Single Player mode.Credits - All credit goes to lớn Dracolich from PlayDota for unveiling this great mystery.

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So.. basically you need Bloodseeker, Storm Spirit and Rikimaru in same team (with 6x inventory) to lớn do this quest Impossibru!!!

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