Anime + mmorpg equals awesome fun


First I’ll state this các mục is in no particular order except for the first one as it is what got me inlớn MMORPGs baông chồng when I was a kid. Quite a few anime have come out over time that take place in games or a game-lượt thích setting. This is especially true now with manga going through its isekai phase which means we’re getting loads of anime with that theme. So let me run you through, in our humble opinion, of the top MMORPG lượt thích anime.

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1. .Hack// (series)

.Hack//Sign is the anime that got me into MMORPGS. It tells the tale of Tsukasa, a player who is stuông chồng in the VR game called The World. Suffering from memory loss, it is with help from others that he solves the mystery behind why he cannot log out. The series spans many games, manga, & anime. .Hack//Sign was the first in the series. All the stories are connected và weave a beautiful tale of mystery & the people involved it.

As this is what got me into MMORPGs và the story takes place in one, so it is #1 for this menu.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online (SAO), is another great story about being stuchồng in a VR MMORPG. This time it’s not just one person. There are a bunch of people stuông chồng. Also, it is no mystery how: They are being held hostage by the developer until they complete the game. SAO tells the tale of how Kirito and his friends spover their time living in this game và their journey lớn get không tính tiền.

I love this anime as it takes the problem of being stuông chồng and multiplies it lớn everyone. It explores the consequences of dying in the game & that it means you die in real life as well. Seeing how characters come to grips with the decisions they make in the game and what it means for the real world leaves an impact. This anime also spans many games.


3. Log Horizon

Yep, you guessed it: This one is another where characters are stuông chồng in an MMO game world. This time, not VR though. The story follows a character named Shiroe & his friends as they over up getting stuchồng in the game after an update. This anime has two great seasons so far.

Log Horizon is different from the previous two in the way that characters are stuchồng. They are looking for a way out but they are making a life within the game that has become real. NPCs are living breathing characters with thoughts. The series is wrapped in mysteries that the characters must discover. 


4. Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Phantasy Star Online 2 shares a similar story with the game. A player of the game on Earth starts lớn play the Phantasy Star Online 2 game and comes khổng lồ find out that it is an actual real world. After a frikết thúc disappears in-game it is up Itsuki and friends khổng lồ find và rescue her. A lot more happens, but it is a good story và anime. If you have never given the game a try, you can when it releases next year for the west in 20đôi mươi or you can hop inlớn the nhật bản hệ thống through other means.

Phantasy Star Online is another thing from my childhood that had a big impact on me growing up.


5. Overlord

Like the others, a player gets transported to a world they thought was just a game. Momonga is transformed into lớn his player character in the game after not logging out when the game Yggdrasil was shutting down. The NPCs in the game are now real và feel emotion, và take actions. Momonga has no desire khổng lồ return lớn his world. Instead, he chooses to rule over this one as an all-powerful mage. It is a great anime. I love sầu the action và characters of this one.

This is where the danh sách will get shaken up a bit. No longer will it be characters getting transported inlớn their game worlds. It is going lớn be animes with game-like settings & story or involving MMO games. Things happen as if they would in an RPG, lượt thích skill progression and such. A good change of pace.

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6. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Haruhiro & other people are transported khổng lồ the world of Grimgar. They don’t know why they were sent there but they were. Their memories are but wiped except for their names. To survive sầu they must accept the only job they can: Being a soldier and protecting Grimgar from the monsters who threaten it. In this anime, each person takes up a class or vocation. Haruhiro’s party consists of a typical sort of group including a tank, warrior, rogue, cleric, ranger, and mage. Each has skills they can learn from their trainers through the story mostly focuses on Haruhiro. You see a lot more of hlặng with his trainer. The world has a game lượt thích feel but it is not revealed whether it is or isn’t. This anime has a great story line that focuses on the relationships Haruhiro và his các buổi party have sầu with each other.


7. Quanzhi Gaoshou

This anime is very different from the others that are previously listed. Quanzhi Gaoshou follows the story of an esports scene. Ye Xiu is a very skilled player in the MMO “Glory” and was on the top of his game in esports. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire và barred from joining any other esports team for Glory. After the 10th server opens for Glory, Ye Xiu begins khổng lồ play again and dives in with a fresh start. This is a story about how the “Battle God,” Ye Xiu, playing on the new hệ thống causes many upsets in the esports scene.

The battle scenes in this anime are top notch. I’ve watched all of it & when I want khổng lồ see a battle that inspires me to lớn animate more, I go khổng lồ this anime. If you are looking for an anime with good fighting from the start, this is a great one.


8. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonaSuba)

Kazuma Satou dies on his way trang chủ from buying a game. He is rewarded with the chance khổng lồ reincarnate into a new world & be a anh hùng. The goddess Aqua lets him choose any one cống phẩm to lớn bring with hyên và Kazuma selects her as what he wants to lớn bring. Unfortunately, she can not refuse this & unfortunately for Kazuma, she turns out to be a lazy & useless goddess. This is only the beginning of his woes in his new life as he tries to survive in this world.

KonoSuba is a hilarious well-animated series. There are so many funny moments that make me laugh & the animation leaves me in awe. The cast of characters is colorful and wacky. As the anime is on its second season I would recommkết thúc getting in on it. There are many episodes to watch & enjoy.


9. Shichisei no Subaru

In a gamed called “Union,” there was a group of seven kids: Subaru, known khổng lồ be the best. Unfortunately, when Asahi, one of the seven, dies in the game, she dies in real life as well. Her death causes the game khổng lồ get shut down và their group lớn separate. Some years later Haruto lớn, another thành viên of Subaru, decides to play a new version of the game called “Re’Union” and once again meets Asahi who had died years ago still looking as she did when she was a kid. This mystery brings the group bachồng together again to find out what happened to their frikết thúc.

Shichisei No Subaru is a good anime that is filled with a lot of mystery. The Re’Union game is also a VR game in the anime like a few titles above. There is an equal amount of drama và action in the anime that lead to lớn some very good emotion-charged scenes. I like this anime & am looking forward khổng lồ a second season.


10. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Naofumi & a few others get summoned khổng lồ a world khổng lồ fight waves of monsters and save sầu the world. Unfortunately, all is not equal as the Shield Hero is looked down on and said to be evil. This leads lớn Naofungươi (the Shield Hero) being cast out và forced khổng lồ learn how to survive sầu in this world on his own. Along the way, he makes friends and begins lớn turn things around & change how that world sees the Shield Hero.

This is a great anime. It has many elements that an RPG and MMORPG would have sầu. The heroes are able khổng lồ fuse and enhance weapons in ways that other people can’t. Also, the concept of fighting monsters lớn màn chơi up is a thing in the world. It is not a foreign concept that they bring from Earth. The animation as well is top-notch & has a great storyline. I highly recommend this anime.

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All of the animes on this danh mục to lớn me are good. Some of them may not be for everyone, but all are definitely for me. It is highly possible I have missed some that should be on this danh sách that are not. I watch too many anime to reĐiện thoại tư vấn each one, there are a lot of good ones.