I've added BuildCraft from Digbig (Simply copy, drag, and drop into the mods folder) to lớn have something to vày with all the loot I have received & also to create a sorting machine. I have also tried adding the big gian lận Galactic Craft khổng lồ explore a new dimension. Galactic Craft however, requires a Power mod such as BuildCraft 2 but as I've tried, it doesn't work with Hexxit (crashes).

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When adding mods to hexxit, I ran into some problems with the portal gun, & the armor status mod hexxit uses. (The HUD is also incompatible with optifine.)

So I took all the mods và put them into FTB Unleashed và now I have the ultimate minecraft gian lận experience.

I just added the Dynamic Light so I could explore caves and dungeons more easily. But other than that, only OptiFine.

I added Iron Chests, it lets you make different style chests (wood-iron-gold-diamond or something) which each store more stuff than vanilla chests do. The largest, diamond chests, store as much as I think 2 double chests.

Archimedes Ships mod. Just don't try khổng lồ fly your ship with a dimension door or meteor shield on it. Dimension doors just go away, but the one time I tried it I went into a pocket dimension on my ship. When I came back out, the ship was completely gone. Having a meteor shield on board when you attempt khổng lồ fly crashes the game.

Sorting machine you say? This is something I need.... DESPERATELY. It sucks when your the only one in your group of friends that bothers khổng lồ sort stuff... And has OCD.

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Yes, Buildcraft allows you to create your own quarry. Its pretty simple really, You find oil (you need lớn generate new chunks), use a pump to pump out the fuel và use pipes to lớn bring it into a refinery. It is then made into fuel in which you can use it lớn power engines which would nguồn your quarry.

Here is the full wiki on Build Craft.

If you want lớn install this gian lận to the Hexxit Modpack, just download the DigBig modpack from the Technic Launcher. Then open the DigBig file location and find the mods. Copy drag và Drop the Buildcraft mod from DigBig into the Hexxit mod Pack. All of the ID's are already phối up differently so you don't have to worry.

EDIT: This youtube playlist is a great way to learn about Buildcraft.

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Hexxit is a modpack for Minecraft by the Technic Team, with a focus on old Dungeons & Dragons style adventuring.