The pilot who stole a secret soviet fighter jet

The Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG)-25P.. is a supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft for countering air targets in all weather conditions, by day and by night, và in dense hostile electronic warfare environments.

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The Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG)-25Phường. is a supersonic interceptor và reconnaissance aircraft for countering air targets in all weather conditions, by day and by night, and in dense hostile electronic warfare environments. The MiG-25P constitutes a part of the Russian S-155P missile interceptor system.

MiG-25P.. was produced by RSK MiG, which is based in Moscow, & the Sokol Aircraft Manufacturing Plant Joint Stochồng Company at Nizhni Novgorod in Russia. The MiG-25 fighter series are known by the NATO codename Foxbat và served the air forces of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhsrã, Azerbaijan, India & Iraq. It is currently operated by the Algerian Air Force, Syrian Air Force and Libyan Air Force.

The MiG-25 is one of the fasdemo combat aircraft ever produced, capable of achieving speeds in excess of Mach 2.83. Production ended in 1984.

MiG-25P aircraft design

MiG-25P. is a twin-finned, high-wing monoplane with slightly swept wings and a variable-angle tail plane. To improve the aircraft’s longitudinal stability, and lớn avert stall at steep angles và subsonic tốc độ, there are two shallow upper-surface fences on each wing.

The high-wing monoplane configuration together with lateral air intakes have the effect of reducing the loss of aerodynamic efficiency resulting from wing-fuselage interference.

High-strength steels & titanium are used in approximately 80% of the MiG-25 airframe.

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The MiG-25P. aircraft is armed with four R-40 (Nakhổng lồ codename AA-6 Acrid) air-to-air missiles equipped with infrared và radar homing heads. The range of these missiles is 2-60km.The missiles are suspended from four underwing pylons. It may also be fitted with two R-40 and four R-60 (AA-8 Aphid), or two R-23 (AA-Apex) & four R-73 (AA-11 Archer). The MiG-25 is not fitted with a gun.

Avionics on-board MiG-25P

MiG-25Phường is fitted with electronic equipment including: Smerch-A2 radar sight (Nato lớn codename Fox Fire), developed by the Phazotron Retìm kiếm và Production Company; Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder; aircraft responder lớn maintain communications with guidance and landing radars operating in active radio-location mode; và radar warning receiver.The flight control và navigation equipment includes ARK-10 automatic radio compass, RV-4 radio altimeter and Polyot-11 navigation-landing system.The Polyot-11 navigation và landing system, coupled with ground radio beabé & landing radio beacons, provides programmed aircraft manoeuvres including climb, en-route flight, returns lớn the take-off aerodrome or to lớn one of the three emergency airfields, & low-run landing approach and missed approach manoeuvres.


MiG-25P aircraft is powered by two R-15B-300 single-shaft turbojets, arranged in the tail section of the fuselage. The engines develop 11,200kgf of thrust with fully selected afterburner. The engines provide a maximum tốc độ of 3,000km/hour at high altitude.

The maximum tốc độ at low altitude is 1,200km/hour. The aircraft has a service ceiling of 22,500 metres. The range at altitudes between 9-11km with speed of Mach 0.85 is 1,950km. At higher altitudes between 20-21km và speed Mach 2.35, the range is 1,650km. The maximum in-service g-load is 4.5g.

MIG-25 variants

MiG-25R, MiG-25RB và MiG-25BM are derivatives from the MiG-25P. The MiG-25R is a tactical reconnaissance aircraft. The MiG-25RB is a variant for bombing area & large targets.

The aircraft is fitted with a reconnaissance station, aerial camera, topographic aerial camera, the Peteng sighting and navigation system to lớn bomb programmed targets, & electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment, which includes active jamming & electronic reconnaissance systems.

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The MiG-25BM aircraft has the capability to launch guided missiles against ground targets, và to destroy area targets, targets with known co-ordinates, and enemy radars.The airborne anti-radar Kh-58 (Nakhổng lồ codename AS-11 Kilter) missiles are capable of destroying enemy radars, such as the targeting radars of Hawk-type air defence missile systems, at stand-off ranges.The launch range of the Kh-58 is from 40-300km. The Kh-58U missile is developed and manufactured by the Raduga Engineering Design Bureau, Moscow.

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