For people who buy a new Mac, the first thing to think about is to tải về Microsoft Office on Mac.Using Windows is used to lớn it, switching khổng lồ macOS is strange, and you don’t know how lớn install Microsoft Office on Mac; why vị you have to download it khổng lồ install it but it gives me an error that won’t allow me to install it.After installing it, you don’t know how lớn activate it for không lấy phí for life.Don’t worry anymore. Lucid ren will solve all your problems in this article.

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Table of contentsPrepare before installing Microsoft Office for MacInstructions to install Microsoft Office on Mac

Prepare before installing Microsoft Office for Mac

Download your favorite Microsoft Office on Mac, then turn off Gatekeeper và SIP khổng lồ install it.If you have already installed another version of Microsoft Office on your Macbook, you should also remove it before installing according to lớn our instructions.

Download Microsoft Office on Mac

You tải về the latest versions to lớn use; the new version will have more features.

VersionDownload linkCompatible
Office 2021Fshare 2021 v16.55OneDrive 2021 v16.55Chip Intel and M1
Office 2019Fshare 2019 v16.53OneDrive 2019 v16.53Chip Intel and M1
Office 2016Fshare năm nhâm thìn v15.33Intel, macOS ≤ 10.4

Disable Gatekeeper & SIP

Since macOS Catalina (10.15) and above, to install Microsoft Office for Mac or other software downloaded from the internet, you need todisable Gatekeeper and SIP on Mac.Please follow the instructions of that link, và it’s simple.

After turning off Gatekeeper and SIP, you can install Microsoft Office for Mac or carefully read the instructions below.

Instructions khổng lồ install Microsoft Office on Mac

Video tutorial to Install Microsoft Office on Mac for free

Install Microsoft Office on Mac

Step 1:You extract the Microsoft Office tệp tin for laptop apple macbook into a folder, then you xuất hiện that folder.

Extract the zip tệp tin into a folder, open that folder
Open the Microsoft Office tệp tin to install for Macbook
Just click Continue / Agree / Install khổng lồ install Microsoft Office for Mac
Agree lớn the terms of installing Microsoft Office on Mac
Leave the default option as it is; click continue

You clickInstall, don’t change the installation location; otherwise, you won’t be able to lớn activate it for không tính tiền forever.

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So you’ve finished installing Microsoft Office on Mac, but you must follow the instructions below to lớn use it permanently.

Activate Microsoft Office on Mac to lớn use forever

Step 1:In the originalextractedfolder,open the remaining fileto activate it permanently.

You wait 1 hour for the software khổng lồ run.When it appearsThe installation was successful, the activation is complete.

Having done this far, please try a little more.But lest I accidentally update one when I use it, I thua the không lấy phí activation & can’t use it anymore, and I blame myself ^_^.Do one more step below, & you’re good to lớn go.

Remove the Microsoft Office updater on Mac

When a new update is available, you will receive a continuous update notification.If you accidentally update khổng lồ the new version, it will not be activated forever.SeeHow lớn uninstall Microsoft AutoUpdate on Macfor a better understanding.This article will show you how to vì chưng it quickly.

Step 1:On the MacFinder, you pressCommand Shift G,then paste this links into & clickGo.

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/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/
Step 2:you will have a thư mục named MAU or MAU2.0, depending on the version.Just click to mở cửa that folder.