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On 15th October năm 2016, TTV sent Ngo Xuan Hung & Quach Phi Thong from R&D and Magenkhổng lồ team to lớn attkết thúc the Meet Magenlớn Vietphái nam sự kiện organized by Meet Magento lớn Association & SmartOsc at GEM Center in Ho Chi Minh City. It is the first Asian edition of the Meet Magento series (the leading conference for the e-Commerce and Magenlớn community) which has been running since 2008 in Europe & the Americas. The sự kiện attracted the attendance & participation of more than 1,000 decision makers, corporate leaders, technical specialists as well as many of the largest retailers within the region. Especially, Vaimo, one of the leading global full service eCommerce solution provider on the Magento platkhung, who recently entered into lớn a strategic partnership with transcosmos group, had a presentation by Oleksii Bedzir, Head of Systems Architects.

Hung và Thong joined the business and technical conference sessions respectively and were impressed by the scale & the nội dung of the event. It helped them gain a great insight into lớn Vietnam giới e-commerce market, especially when compared with large ones such as US or Japan. Nevertheless Hung saw it a great potential and worth big investment in R&D. “It changed my mind after I listened to the presentation of Lazada"s ex-CEO Christopher Beselin about the "Behind the scenes - What more than an eCommerce website is needed lớn win in eCommerce". When we vì a small eCommerce business, it is easy. But, when we vày a big eCommerce business, it is very difficult & different” he said.

For the past few years, TTV has developed a team of 18 engineers specializing in Magento lớn platform, 8 of whom have sầu been certified. The company is also investing in R&D activities lớn enhance its capabilities in e-commerce IT services. After the sự kiện, Oleksii Bedzir also spent two weeks training TTV’s engineers on Magenlớn.

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  TTC Building 15th floor, 253 Hoang Van Thu St, Ward 2, Tan Binc District, Ho Chi Minc City

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