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GTA San Andreas Mod apk Obb download For game android - Mediafire GTA SA is an open World Game, Action, Adventure, car Theft & Gangster.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas You Can download The Complete GTA San Andreas trò chơi for app android for free, with a direct links from Mediafire and Mega.

The reason behind the name of the game "San Andreas" is that this name has become a strange mixture of the names of the three states: Los Angeles, San Francisco & Las Vegas. There are signs in the game that confirm this because the names of familiar neighborhoods have been used in these states in San Andreas.
The trò chơi begins as CJ as he searches for the cause of his mother"s death. The main part of the trò chơi revolves around the fact that the main character of the trò chơi tries khổng lồ gather his gang on Grove Street in order lớn try to lớn win against the rival group in their land in San Andreas.

Several virtual buttons appear on the screen, such as the digital và analog steering wheel & the screen rotation lock, all of which are fully customizable khổng lồ put them where you want them. However, the placement of the game buttons is good enough to enjoy the game.

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The ability to auto target, for example, makes it easy lớn aim your target when dealing with a rival gang. However, if you want more control, especially in the game camera.
As usual in the GTA series of games, this time you have lớn hit your enemies when needed và steal different cars including an ambulance or a single-seat plane. In short, all you need to vị to control your area.
The audio tracks used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are appropriate và engaging. So while doing khổng lồ play GTA.
Types of cars, motorcycles và airplanes khổng lồ driveVarious types of weapons lớn obtain and use by CJThe possibility lớn join the CG gang to lớn start an exciting adventureWide kiến thiết with dozens of different cities và countries to lớn travelFull compatibility with Moga, Bluetooth và USB controllers3D design, full HD, & exactly the same as the PC version
First, download and install game files from the links above.Decompress trò chơi files.Install the game android file và don"t mở cửa it.Copy com.rockstargames.gtasa folder to android / Obb path.Run the game và have fun.

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If you have any questions about installing this trò chơi please ask them at the end of this post và in the comments section so that we can answer you dear ...

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