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ASUSMaximusIX EXTREMEIf the 600 USD/Euro Z270 flagship motherboard doesn"t please you - we vày not know what will.

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We have a look at the Flagshipof theASUSZ270 motherboards, let"s all hail theASUSMaximusIX Extreme from the Republic ofGamersline. The board boasts everything you want and need, has a deep & profound AURA LED lighting system, is all shielded, comes with a full-cover mono-blockfromBitspower& then more. Though relatively littleRGBblingis injected, this motherboard is compatible with ASUSAURA SYNC, a software suite thatallowsfor multiple choices inadditionalRGBgear to bedrivenfrom that one package. As you guys know, whenever there is a ROG label slapped in front of an ASUS sản phẩm, you know it"s at least high-end. For today"s tested motherboard we need to lớn advance even on that as the Maximus IX truly is a bit of an enthusiast beast (despite the fact you can house only quad-core processors on it). ASUS once again used that familiar shielded kiến thiết, optimized for cooling and armed with a proper feature set. You will spot nice dark looks with almost camouflaged elements, a bit military even as that blachồng seems khổng lồ have sầu a shade of green in it.

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The Maximus IX Extreme motherboard is ASUS AURA SYNC compatible, it does offer much more LED bling compared khổng lồ the other motherboards, you get an independently configurable chipset heatsink hình ảnh sản phẩm, PCI-Express slot, rear IO & power LED configurable options. ASUS kept some stuff relatively simple, ye ol" Realtek 12trăng tròn CODEC is used for audio, but then they advanced on that with some seriously chất lượng components. Also onboard is that expensive sầu Thunderbolt chip. Cool khổng lồ the CPU và it"s VRM area asus includes an ROG monoblochồng from Bitspower, an advanced one as you can monitor flow & temperature và it even has a leak sensor. The fun thing is, you can also cool a your NVMe M.2 SSDs as the heatsink ties into that mono-block. You"ll spot eight radiator-tín đồ headers a pre-mounted I/O shield and copper-plated motherboard (well they all are but this one has an outline. Connectivity wise the board ain"t shy either with an Hãng Intel Ethernet jack, 2x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO và thus Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gbps) support. Yes, an Hãng sản xuất Intel Gigabit jachồng (guys, can we just move to lớn onboard 5 Gbps Ethernet jacks please!

This motherboard does comes with everything you need & desire, has fourDIMM slots (and thetư vấn for up-to ultra-fast DDR4 4133MHz memory), two properly fast M.2 slots, full tốc độ USB 3.1 (10 Gbps) devices & so on. Fitted with that Z270 PCH chipset this motherboard offers three x16 slots & one 1x PCIe. Everything appears and seems very stylish và somewhat dark, the good stuff. But let me stop typing for now, và let"s get started with the actual Reviews shall we?

Um yeah, that"s going khổng lồ need some tubing và distilled water !


A motherboard testedPCH - The Platform Controller Hub ChipsetsPCH - The Platkhung Controller Hub ChipsetsProduct ShowcaseProduct ShowcaseProduct ShowcaseProduct Showcase - MonoBlock InstallationProduct Showcase - MonoBlock InstallationThe AURA Light LED SystemThe UEFI BIOSCPU-Z Screenshotsnguồn ConsumptionHardware & Software UsedPerformance - CPU-ZPerformance - CineBench 11.5 | 15Performance - Google Chrome - Mozilla Kraken | Compression 7-zipPerformance - Video Encoding | FryBenchPerformance - System MemoryPerformance - Storage Subsystem - USB 3.0 & SSD SATA3 (6Gbps)Performance - M.2 PCI-E SSD Storage PerformancePerformance - Wireless Internet 802.11ac WIFI Overclocking Final Words và Conclusion
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