Lệnh, Mã Game Cướp Đường Phố Gta Vice City Tổng Hợp

Before installation, please make sure that you meet at least the minimum system requirements as listed below.Download the client, run the executable & go through the thiết lập process.Once the cài đặt process is completed, double-cliông xã your shortcut to 10kiem.vn or run it from your Start Menu.

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Disclosure:You are about khổng lồ download a tệp tin that installs the "Mission Against Terror" Massive Multiplayer OnLine game on your computer. The game has no other functions programmed inkhổng lồ it besides letting you enjoy playing the game. No additional tool bars, plug-ins or ad displaying software will be installed.In case if you have sầu existing accounts with "Raptr" or "XFire" or would like to register one – please clichồng the respective sầu logo or ibé. That will enable bundling the 10kiem.vn with the respective software client.Installation instructions:To install the game please downoad it first. It may take 15-45 minutes khổng lồ tải về the game, about đôi mươi minutes for the average tốc độ on an average broadbvà Internet connection. After you tải về the game, please navigate lớn the folder where your browser stores all the downloads you""ve made. Locate the tệp tin 10kiem.vnonlineX.YY.ZZZ.exe cộ (where X.YY.ZZZ is the current version number). Double cliông chồng on the 10kiem.vnonlineX.YY.ZZZ.exe cộ file và let the simple Installation Wizard guide you through the process.Uninstall instructions:To uninstall the game navigate lớn the "Control Panel". Find and cliông chồng on the "Programs & Features" inhỏ. Next, scroll through the danh mục of programs installed on your computer, until you find 10kiem.vnonlineX.YY.ZZ (where X.YY.ZZ is the current version of the game release). Cliông xã on it, and the Uninstall Wizard will guide you through the process of uninstalling the game from your computer.

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Minimum RequirementsRecommended
Operating System:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
CPU:Pentium 4 2.0GHz or betterPentium 4 2.8GHz or better
Graphics Card:GeForce MX440 or betterGeForce MX660 or better
RAM:1GB or better
HD Space:At least 4 GB
DirectX:DirectX 9.0c
.NET Framework.NET Framework 3.5 SP1



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