Wednesday . 28 July . 2021


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Amazon Games today announced it has reached an exclusive publishing agreement for North America và Europe with Korean developer Smilegate RPG. They will collaborate to publish a game releasing next year, with specific details lớn be revealed at a later date.

“Smilegate has a strong traông chồng record of creating big games that players love sầu, built to offer years of enjoyment — exactly the type of best-in-class, living, growing online games we want khổng lồ bring our customers.”

Founded in 2002, Smilegate (parent company of Smilegate RPG) is the creator of CROSSFIRE, the world’s largest first-person online shooter game & one of the most played online games in the world, with over 670 million registered users and more than 8 million concurrent players globally. Smilegate is a leading developer of PC online & di động games in a variety of genres, including FPS, MMORPG, action and sports games. Headquartered in Korea, Smilegate maintains regional offices in the US, Trung Quốc, Southeast Asia and Spain.

“Amazon Games is committed to lớn bringing our customers the most engaging game experiences, both through our own internal development teams and from the very best external development studgame ios around the world,” said Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Games.

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“Smilegate has a strong traông xã record of creating big games that players love, built to lớn offer years of enjoyment — exactly the type of best-in-class, living, growing online games we want to lớn bring our customers.”

“Smilegate RPG & Amazon Games will combine our respective sầu expertise to introduce one of our AAA games to lớn Western players,” said Chi Won Gil, CEO, Smilegate RPG. “Amazon Games is uniquely positioned as a publisher khổng lồ reach entirely new audiences through its deep commitment to customers and substantial games publishing resources & channels, including Twitch, Prime Gaming, AWS, & more.”

The Amazon Games leadership team includes veteran developers and publishing executives who helped deliver some of the world’s most popular games. In addition to lớn its publishing agreement with Smilegate RPG, Amazon Games is internally developing New World, the massively multiplayer online PC game releasing in Spring 2021, online multiplayer shooter Crucible, an original AAA online game based on the literary works of The Lord of the Rings, and several unannounced projects.

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