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Tsubasa Pizzicato!Vol: 2; Ch: 8Nakayoshi2013

To pursue her dream of becoming a violinist, Tsubasa Asahina leaves her village in Hokkaivị và goes lớn the city alone. Is an encounter that will change her destiny waiting for her?

TagsComedyRomanceShoujoSlice of LifeAkihabara Denpatou (Light Novel)Vol: 1; Ch: 39GA Bunko2015 - 2016

Takahashi, a young man who failed his university entrance exam for the second year in a row, was kicked out of his parents home. On the suggestion of his yakuza uncle, he rents an apartment inside Akihabara"s radio tower armed with a mission: to find out the secrets of the weird denizens that dwell there. There he mets an assortment of weirdoes, including a "nhân vật of another world" - or, to be more accurate, a female manga artist who lives on the top floor with a pervasive case of Chuunibyou.

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Meet Sui, a native from an unspecified foreign country. She has moved to lớn Japan lớn get married and this story revolves around her adapting lớn Japanese culture và life.

TagsComedyRomanceSeinenSlice of LifeDagashukaVol: 2; Ch: 22Comic Cunenăm ngoái - 2017

Natasha is a young Russian girl who has always dreamed of living in Japan. After many years she is finally given the opportunity khổng lồ live in aboard in japan in a boarding house. She travels to lớn japan but when she finally arrives at the boarding house she is surprised to lớn find out it"s an old fashioned traditional Japanese sweet cửa hàng. What will this entail for her new life in Japan?

TagsComedySlice of LifeFood and BeverageDaiku no HatouVol: 14+; Ch: 162+Weekly Shounen Sunday2017 - ?

Minato Ebihara, a modern high school boy from the city, who sets out for the thành phố of Isahaya in Nagasaki for the anniversary of his father"s death. A chance encounter with a girl by the sea changes his fate. The story of youth and romance begins with the backdrop of the university"s "Fisheries Science Club".

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Ringo"s life isn"t going so well. Her father"s company went bankrupt so they had khổng lồ move khổng lồ a new town. Because of that she"s leaving her crush behind, but worst of all there is this weirbởi vì she met in the new town she"s moved to lớn. In between all of this commotion, will she ever find happiness?

TagsComedyDramaRomanceShoujoSlice of LifeNews no Gentía kara!Vol: 1+; Ch: 5+Comic Bridge2019 - ?

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