The 2018 Asian Games will feature multiple esports titles including League of Legends, Hearthstone, & Pro Evolution Soccer.The Games will also feature two thiết bị di động titles, Clash Royale & Arena of Valor, likely due to lớn the explosion of mobile gaming in the region.Esports have been added to the Asian Games through a partnership with Alisports, the sporting arm of Chinese tech company Alibaba.

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The Asian Esports Federation (AeSF) has confirmed which games will be featured at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. The games selected are League of Legends , Hearthstone , Starcraft II , Pro Evolution Soccer, Clash Royale , và Arena of Valor.

Last year, the Olympic Council of Asia announced a partnership with Alisports, the sporting subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba , to địa chỉ esports events to the 2018 và 2022 Asian Games.

Alibaba is also in a long term, worldwide “cloud” and “e-commerce platform” partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), & is actively pushing for esports khổng lồ be included, although the company has stated that the Olympic committee will only consider games that are not “violent or gory.”

With Alibaba as a primary partner, it is noteworthy that the AeSF selected multiple games owned by Alibaba’s rival company Tencent, such as League of Legends và Arena of Valor.

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Western esports fans may be surprised that the danh mục includes two thiết bị di động games, or by the absence of major titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . CS:GO’s popularity has not translated lớn Asia in the same way League of Legends has, despite its mass appeal in North America and Europe.

By contrast, di động culture is a driving force in Asia, particularly in china (Alibaba’s trang chủ country). Honor of Kings (the Chinese title for Arena of Valor) already has its own league, high value stars, and even an upcoming serialized TV series. Similarly, Clash Royale recently launched professional leagues for multiple regions, including China. The Chinese league features multiple big name teams including LGD, EDG, & Gen.G (formerly KSV eSports).

The Asian Games’ list of titles is a reflection of current esports trends in the region. While esports will be a “demonstration sport” only in the 2018 program, it has been confirmed as a full-medal eventfor the 2022 games in Hangzhou, China.

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The Asian Games is considered the second largest multi-sport competition in the world. While it is sanctioned by the IOC, inclusion in the games is no guarantee that a particular game, or even esports in general, will ever make it lớn the Summer Games. Khổng lồ date, the most significant recognition of esports by the IOC is the hãng intel Extreme Masters Pyeongchang, a StarCraft II tournament held prior khổng lồ the 2018 Winter Olympics.