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Her first monograph, Governing the Dead: Martyrs, Memorials, and Necrocitizenship in Modern China, examines the efforts of the Chinese nation-state khổng lồ record, commemorate, and compensate for military & civilian dead & how such efforts transformed social & cultural institutions. Her ongoing projects include war commemoration, citizenship, terrorism, và sovereignty in twentieth-century East và Southeast Asia. She offers courses on such topics as violence in modern China, memories of wars, & global history. She serves in the undergraduate committee for the history unit and as a faculty tiếp thị liên kết at the Center for Asian 

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Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley, 2017M.A. University of Hawai"i at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, 2009Taiwan National Normal University, Taipei, Summer 2007B.A. Connecticut College, New London, CT, 2007John Cabot University, Rome, Italy, Fall 2005 trang web URL
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War, Commemoration, Martyrdom, Memories, China




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2019: Shanghai Municipal Library, Academia Historica (Taipei)2018: Chinese University of Hong Kong Library2015: Second Historical Archives (Nanjing), Jiangsu Provincial Archives, Nanjing Municipal Archives, Nanjing Library, Chongqing Municipal Archives, Guangzhou Municipal Archives, Guangdong Provincial Archives2014: Academia Historica, Nationalist party Commission Archives, and National Central Library (Taipei)2013: Archives Nationales d"Outre-Mer (Aix-en-Provence); British National Archives và British Library2012: Academia Historica và National Central Library (Taipei); Shanghai Municipal Archives & Shanghai Library2011: No. 1 National Archives & Han-Nom Library (Hanoi)
Courses 2023 Spring Course Number Course Title
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 495 Methods of Historical Inquiry
2022 Fall Course Number Course Title
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 598 Special Topics
2022 Spring Course Number Course Title
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 495 Methods of Historical Inquiry
2021 Fall Course Number Course Title
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 101 Global History Since 1500
HST 598 Special Topics
2021 Spring Course Number Course Title
HST 598 Special Topics
2020 Fall Course Number Course Title
HST 495 Methods of Historical Inquiry
HST 384 Modern China: 1700 to Present
2019 Spring Course Number Course Title
HST 303 Studies in Asian History
HST 384 Modern China: 1700 lớn Present
2018 Fall Course Number Course Title
HST 495 Methods of Historical Inquiry
HST 303 Studies in Asian History
HST 494 Special Topics
HST 494 Special Topics

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- Presenter: “Militarizing Memories: The Narrative of Civilian Resistance in Wartime China.” Panel: “Experiences of War in Modern China: From World War II khổng lồ the Present Day,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Boston (March 19-22)



- Presenter: “Corporeal Sovereignty: Bones, Burials, & Biopolitics of the Sino-American Alliance during the Burma Campaign,” Grassroots Sino-US Relations Workshop, Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan (July 11-13)

- Presenter: “Proxy Citizenship, Revolutionary Lineage, & Affective Nationalism in Republican China,” International Society for Chinese Law and History Biannual Meeting, Taipei University, Taipei (May 31-June 1)

- Presenter: “Death & Corporeal Remains,” Culture và International History VI: Visions of Humanity Conference, free University, Berlin (May 6-8)

- Presenter: “Nationalistic Religiosity, Commemorative Traditionality, & Revolutionary Sensitivity in Twentieth-Century China.” Panel: “Bridging the 1949 Divide: The CCP Takeover và the Continuities of the Chinese Nation-State-Building Project,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Denver (March 21-24)



-Panel Organizer: “Imprints of Violence: Objects, Sites, and Memory.” Presenter: “Recasting Violence: China’s War of Resistance và the Spirit-Molding Scholarly Society.” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Washington DC (March 22-25) 



- “War Commemoration in Postwar China,” China in Global World War II, Centre for in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge University, Cambridge (July 3-14)

-Panel Organizer: “Charting Intersections và Interstices in East Asian Memoryscapes.” Presenter: “Nationalist Religiosity và the Making of Republican Memorial Space in Wartime & Postwar Chongqing, 1938-1949.” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Toronto (March 16-19)



- “War Commemoration và Nationalist Religiosity: Loyal Sacrifice Shrines in Republican China, 1912-1949,” UCSIA Summer School on Religion, Culture, và Society, University of Antwerp, Antwerp (August 27-September 4)

- “Tales of Three Loyal Sacrifice Shrines in China’s Wartime Capital,” War và Society in Modern trung quốc Workshop, University of Washington, Seattle (July 22-25)

- “Feminine Narratives of War,” Asia on Its Own Terms Workshop, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv (May 14-June 17)



- Panel Organizer: “Grievances Against the State, Legacies of War, và Legal Discourses in Twentieth- Century East Asia.” Presenter: “Exchanging Life for Honor: Compensation Policies for Revolutionaries’ Families in Republican China, 1911-1949,” American Society for Legal History Annual Conference, Washington DC (October 29-November 1)

- “Soldierly Ideals in Republican trung quốc through Martyrs’ Biographies & Petition Letters,” The ‘Good Soldier’ - Ideal, Instrument of Manipulation or Contradiction, Air Force Academy, Trondheim, Norway (October 14-17)

- “County Martyrs’ Shrines in Republican China,” International Workshop và Conference on “War và Society in Modern China,” Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing (July 10-13)

- Panel Co-organizer: “Hagiographic Discourses and Communities of Belonging: Digital Approaches to Martyrdom in 19th- và 20th-Century trung quốc and Vietnam.” Presenter: “The Making of the Yellow Flower Hill (Huanghuagang) Martyrs in the Early Republic,” Association for Asian Studies-in-Asia Annual Conference, Taipei (June 22-25)

- Invited Lecturer, “Bones of Contention: Chinese Soldiers Buried in India, Burma, and Papua New Guinea during World War II,” National Central Library, Taipei (March 20) (delivered in Chinese)

- “The Dead & the Nation,” International Doctoral Student Workshop, Academia Sinica, Taipei (January 19-23) (delivered in Chinese)

- “Loyalty và Sacrifice Shrines in Republican China,” International Dissertation Workshop, National Chengchi University, Taipei (January 11-18)



- “Multiple Modernities & Chinese Republican Martyrdom,” International Summer School on “Multiple Modernities,” University of Göttingen, Göttingen (September 1-6) 

- “Making Republican Revolutionary Martyrdom: The Yellow Flower Hill Uprising and Its Commemoration during the 1910s and 1920s,” International Conference on Modern trung quốc in Global Contexts, 1600-Present, Academia Sinica, Taipei (August 11-13)

- “Republic of Martyrs: Compensation Policies in Republican China,” Law & Society Annual Conference, Minneapolis (May 29-31)

- Summer Institute on Conducting Archival (SICAR), Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/George Washington University, Washington DC (May 17-25)



- “Grave Concerns: China’s Overseas Military Graves and International Politics,” Sites of Knowledge: Space, Locality, & Circulation between Asia and Europe, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg (August 4-8)

- “Death of the Patriarch, Memory of the Martyr: The Family và the State in Modern China,” Social Lives of Dead Bodies in Modern China, Brown University, Providence (June 14-16)

- Winter Institute on Han Religion, Academia Sinica, Taipei và Tainan (January 4-12)



- “Allegiances and Patronage across the Late Nineteenth-Century Guangxi-Tonkin Border,” The South china Sea: Re-Assessing Regional Order in Asia, Institute of East Asian Studies at University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley (September 7-8)

- Summer Seminars in Asian Arts, Religion & History, Fudan University, Shanghai (June 24-July 3)

-“It’s Personal! Allegiances và Patronage Across the Late Nineteenth-Century Guangxi-Tonkin Border,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Toronto (March 16-19)



- “Under the Rubber Regime: Plantation Workers in Cochinchina (1918-1945),” 6th Singapore Graduate diễn đàn on Southeast Asian Studies, Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore (July 11-15)

- “Understanding China’s Colonial Experience: A Comparative Study of “Semicolonialism” in China, Siam, and Indochina,” World History Association Annual Conference, Capital Normal University, Beijing (July 7-10)

- “Carless và Careless: Automobile Accidents in French Indochina,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference in Japan, International Christian University, Tokyo (June 25-26)

- Winter Institute on Modern Chinese History, Academia Sinica, Taipei (January 3-13)



- “‘Alternative Chastity’ in Feng Menglong’s Vernacular Stories,” Western Conference for the Association of Asian Studies (WCAAS), University of Arizona, Tucson (October 23-24)

- “New Women and New Literature” from The Ladies’ Journal,” Fudan University-UCLA Workshop in Scholarly Translation, Shanghai (August 1-30)

- “Female Revolutionaries in the Vietnamese Nationalist Party,” Phi Alpha Theta 25th Annual Hawai’i Regional Conference, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu (March 14)

- “Women’s Suicides in Early Twentieth-Century đài loan trung quốc and Vietnam: Perils in the Family,” 8th East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference, Honolulu (February 12-14)