Lift A Finger, He/She Doesn'T/Won'T Explanation, Meaning, Origin


lift a finger

To help with something. Often used in the negative khổng lồ indicate a lack of willingness to lớn exert even the bare minimum of effort. I know you"re watching TV, but can you perhaps lift a finger và help me bring in these grocery bags? I clean every weekend, and you never lift a finger to lớn help!See also: finger, lift

lift (or stir) a finger (or hand)

make the slighkiểm tra effort to bởi vì something, especially to help someone. 1992 Daily Telegraph If the public does not care much for the interests of the press, it will not lift a finger to lớn save sầu a politician from sexual embarrassment. See also: finger, lift

(not) lift a ˈfinger (to vì chưng something)

(informal) (not) make any effort at all to do something, especially khổng lồ help somebody: He didn’t lift a finger to help me when I was in trouble. ♢ She does all the work in the house. Notoàn thân else lifts a finger.See also: finger, liftSee also:

lift a finger

help someone, do anything to lớn help Loki is my friover, but he didn"t lift a finger when I needed help.

lift a finger (hand)

do something, do one

lift a finger|finger|hand|lift|lift a hand|raise|r

v. phr. 1. To bởi vì something; vì your share; khổng lồ help. Usually used in the negative. We all worked hard except Joe. He wouldn"t lift a finger. The king did not lift a hand when his people were hungry. Compare: LEND A HAND.

not lift a finger

not lift a finger Refuse to lớn exert oneself khổng lồ help or perkhung an action. For example, Dad won"t lift a finger to help them financially, or Early in the war, America officially would not lift a finger.

not lift a finger lớn help

Idiom(s): not lift a finger (lớn help someone) AND not lift a hvà (khổng lồ help someone)
Theme: HELPFULNESS - LACKING khổng lồ bởi nothing khổng lồ help someone. (The someone is anyone in the negative sầu.)• They wouldn"t lift a finger lớn help us.• Can you imagine that they wouldn"t lift a finger?• Sally refused to lớn lift a hand lớn help her own sister.

not khổng lồ lift a finger|finger|lift|lift a finger|to lớn

v. phr. To not help in the slightest degree. "My husb& won"t lift a finger to lớn help me," she complained, "although we have 12 people coming for dinner."

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