Lg v20 stuck in a loop of some sort


LG, the South Korean company is one of the leading điện thoại brands in the world. But it has been quite a few years now, the company is failing to lớn keep up with the demand of the market. It has been tough for the company, but an incident back in 2016 pushed the company even further.

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The backlash with the customers started after the launch of LG G4 with its Bootloop problem. Not only that, the company even admitted having the issue and started providing replacements. But it got worse with LG V10. The owners filed a class-action lawsuit against the company as the build of LG V10 was same as LG G4 & it has the same Bootloop issue. But the interesting part is, LG G4 Bootloop fix can be done very easily, as the issue is not only related to hardware, it can happen due khổng lồ software glitches & they are much easier lớn fix.

Part 1. What Cause LG smartphone Bootloop Issues?

Although LG is offering fixes và replacements for affected devices, there are mainly two types of issues that can cause LG Bootloop. It can be completely software related or it can be related khổng lồ damaged hardware parts.

1.Software Issues

Although the company is blaming hardware issues for Bootloop LG G4, it is also possible that the Bootloop error might have appeared due lớn some specific software glitches. There could be several reasons, let"s have a look at the list.

Rooting an apk device always comes with a warning. As it is not safe and can damage the device in several ways. Rooting the device might have caused the boot loop.Some drastic changes in settings lượt thích flashing a new ROM or even installing a new firmware that is not compatible with the sản phẩm điện thoại could cause the same. There could be a glitch with the new updated version of app android that is making the device unable to communicate with the system during the boot.Users are always warned to download the ứng dụng from a verified source but they tend lớn neglect the warning. A corrupt ứng dụng update downloaded from an unverified source can prevent the device khổng lồ boot properly. Last but not least, Bootloop can be the outcome of changing the internal settings of the device.

These listed tampering with the app android OS could have led to lớn the Bootloop issue you are facing at the moment.

2.Hardware issues

When LG admitted about the Bootloop issue & started providing LG Bootloop fix to lớn their consumers; it was clear for them that the Bootloop was caused by faulty hardware parts.

The company realized it was due to lớn their negligence after several smartphone models introduced by them had the same Bootloop problem và it was due to manufacturing defects. The devices are unusable as they are stuck in the loop.

The company stated that those issues were the result of a "loose contact between components". Game android Authority also explained it further, they said that "a loose connection between power nguồn supply or memory components could cause the device khổng lồ not boot up properly. As the system instability is present, the device is unable to access vital memory.

Part 2. How to lớn Fix LG G4/G5/G6/V20/V10/V30 Boot loop Due khổng lồ Software Issues

If the Bootloop was caused by a software issue, then it can be fixed in your home. You don"t have to take the device lớn LG for replacement. There are several ways available for LG V10 Bootloop fix as well as for other LG phones; let"s have a look.

1. One-Click lớn Enter Recovery Mode không lấy phí and Get Your Phone Fixed

As the Bootloop error occurred due to lớn system glitch, you need to get it fixed immediately. The best option would be to use a professional system repair software in order to fix the OS error.

A system repair software is capable of many things, you can enter Recovery Mode & wipe the cache partition which will wipe the memory or make a Factory Reset of the device.

One of the best know system recovery software for game android is ReiBoot for Androidand it is equipped with several system repair features capable of fixing the said glitch. You can directly use the program to repair the game android system or you can use it khổng lồ enter Recovery Mode. Here"s how khổng lồ enter game android Recovery Mode using ReiBoot for Android.

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Step 3 After entering the Recovery Mode you can either choose lớn wipe the cache partition to lớn clear system memory or wipe data/factory reset.


2. Remove the Battery và SD Card

The problem can also occur due lớn memory issue. So, if you have additional storage inserted into the device, remove it. Quite possibly, the SD thẻ is causing the issue or it is damaged và the LG device is having a problem lớn access it.

A damaged battery can also be the cause behind the Bootloop issue. But all the newer models of LG smartphones are equipped with non-removable batteries. So, you have to lớn take them to lớn the nearest repair centre in order lớn remove them.


3. Uninstall All Apps Recently Downloaded or Updated

Try lớn remember if the Bootloop was started after installing a specific application or after updating a specific app.

If that happened, you need lớn uninstall the said app immediately. That phầm mềm might be corrupted or was downloaded from an unverified source.

4.Fix LG Bootloop with LG Bridge

The LG Bridge is an app provided by the company & it features several functions. The LG Bridge lets you khuyến mãi with bootloop issues by updating the software on your LG device.

Step 1: Connect your LG điện thoại and run the LG Bridge.

Step 2: After that, tap on Update Error Recovery.

Step 3. The software will prompts you that personal data may get lost. Check the box and click OK lớn start the software updata. The LG Bridge will fix the Bootloop issue.


Part 3. How khổng lồ Fix LG điện thoại cảm ứng Bootloop due lớn Hardware Issues?

Quite unfortunately, LG G3 Bootloop issue or Bootloop on any LG di động can be caused by hardware defects as claimed by LG.

So, if you are one of the customers facing this issue, tương tác LG"s local carrier from where the said LG device was purchased or you can also liên hệ the nearby LG Service Centre (www.lg.com/common) for repair under full warranty.

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If you have purchased the LG điện thoại from a non-carrier retailer, then you need to contact the nearby LG Service Centre but you need lớn understand that the warranty conditions will be different in your case.


The Bootloop with LG mobiles is a big issue, it dropped the sales of the company. They have finally settled with it & declared that it is a faulty hardware issue và they are willing khổng lồ provide fixes and replacements. So, if you think it is a hardware issue, then take advantage of this replacement term và get your sản phẩm điện thoại changed. This is the best and only option if the Bootloop occurred due lớn poor manufacturing of the device. But if it was due lớn a software issue, then you will be able khổng lồ fix it at your home by using ReiBoot for Android. It is the most effective solution for software issues!