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I just extracted latest dump of Lollipop preview. Just install new play store, Google search and Google home and you"ll get new material design android lollipop launcher + material thiết kế Google now. Its already uploaded by apkmirror so I am not uploading it again!Warning: Ok google won"t work! Disable it before installingThis requires NO ROOT, NO BUILD.PROP editing! ENjoyhttp://www.apkmirror.com/wp-content/themes/APKMirror/download.php?id=1385http://www.apkmirror.com/wp-content/themes/APKMirror/download.php?id=1389http://www.apkmirror.com/wp-content/themes/APKMirror/download.php?id=1381Screenshots!

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Google Now not workingMy Google tìm kiếm and Google now isn"t working anymore on nova launcher. How bởi vì I down grade?
Google tìm kiếm and google launcher doesn"t work on my Sony z1 non root but the play store works great thanks , wipe all apps & tried khổng lồ reinstalled them but still won"t launch
As I already mentioned in red màu sắc warning! Disable Google voice detection features such as "Ok Google" before installing apks. Go to lớn settings>remove google tìm kiếm (I mean lớn stock version) > download latest stable google search from play store > turn off voice detection và install newer google search. This problem occurs due lớn missing libraries. As you are rooted you can push libraries in respective system thư mục and "Ok google" will start work. -See this for more info
Completely remove the google now launcher?
How can I completely remove all of the Google Now Launcher system files so that when I reinstall the lollipop Google Now Launcher it doesn"t show all my trang chủ screen presets and folders và widgets from the previous version. Does anyone know what directory stores these files? Thanks

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Actually it"s the "Ok google" that"s not working. Go to google now settings > Voice > Ok google > turn off.It won"t stop working now!!!