Yuuki Konno (紺野 木綿季)

Age: 15Birthday: May 23Yuuki Konno is a new player who appears in ALfeim Online in volume 7. She leads the Sleeping Knights guild & quickly becomes known as one of the strongest in the game winning 67 straight matches, earning her the title of "Absolute Sword."

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Her guild, the Sleeping Knights, is a group of terminally ill patients who play using the FullDive giải pháp công nghệ MediCuboid. Yuuki's disease is sida which she obtained through a bad blood transfer she received as a child. Her parents và older twin sister were also infected. She was bullied in school after it was known she was a carrier, causing her khổng lồ transfer schools. However, her condition drastically deteriorated, worsened by the rejection from the parents and teachers of her old school. She was then later taken to a hospital where she lived the next 3 years in the new medical FullDive giải pháp công nghệ called MediCuboid. It is due lớn this that her experience in the VR world exceeds even that of the survivors of Sword Art Online, and for this reason, she can even defeat Kirito in a fair match when he isn't dual wielding.

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Kirito claims, however, that even if he was dual wielding, he would still be unable to lớn defeat her. Kirito also admits that if she was a victim in the Sword Art Online Incident, she would have been the one to lớn receive the Dual Blades sword skill which is awarded to lớn the player with the fastest reaction time.She is also the creator of the 11-hit Original Sword Skill "Mother's Rosario," which is later given khổng lồ Asuna as her "only khung of way" of protecting và repaying her.Yuuki is the second leader of the Sleeping Knights guild who inherits it after her older twin sister Aiko, the founder & former leader, died one year prior to the events of the Mother's Rosario arc. Her parents died the year before. She quickly becomes friends with Asuna due to lớn the the fact that she looks similar to lớn Aiko.

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She becomes the best of friends with Asuna, even in real life. She jokingly proposes khổng lồ her so that if she joins Asuna's family, her name would be "Yuuki Yuuki" as Asuna's last name is Yuuki. Asuna goes khổng lồ great lengths to ensure that Yuuki can enjoy the "real" world again after the trauma she has experienced previously. However, Yuuki's physical body toàn thân can never leave the Medicuboid, which leads lớn Kirito developing a VR camera for her so that she can attend the SAO Survivor School. Throughout the series, Yuuki's condition gradually worsens khổng lồ the point where she can barely even stay conscious in the VR world. She spends the last moments of her life in ALfeim Online embraced in the arms of Asuna surrounded by her friends & thousands of fellow ALO players, passing away in happiness.