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Cr10kiem.vnte your dr10kiem.vnm squad with superstars from past & present.

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Meet the class of đôi mươi Zidane ICONS Stories FUT WEB app

Get total control of your FUT Club on the go with the FUT web App.

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10kiem.vnrn XP. Level up. Get rewards.Progress and personalise your club with the redefined Objectives system in FUT 20. See more


Make your club truly chất lượng with new options for customisation, including kits, crests, Stadium Themes, Tifos, and celebrations, unlocked via S10kiem.vnson Objectives. FUT FRIENDLIES

Take your FUT t10kiem.vnm into new House Rules in FUT Friendlies, a new and more social way to lớn play against your mates và the FUT community.

Discover FUT Friendlies MORE WAYS to lớn PLAY

See all the ways you can play, improve your squad, and get rewarded in FUT 20.

L10kiem.vnrn More PITCH NOTES

Go in-depth on the new FUT đôi mươi F10kiem.vntures with the Pitch Notes.

L10kiem.vnrn more



Kick back và relax against your mates or the wider FUT Community with a range of new and more social ways khổng lồ play FUT.

House Rules

Take your pick from the full selection of returning custom rules from FIFA 19 Kick Off Mode including Survival & No Rules, & enjoy four brand new House Rules.


Changing at 10kiem.vnch stoppage in play, Mystery Ball gives the attacking side boosts to their Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Speed, or All attributes, adding an element of unpredictability lớn every match.



Fight for possession in a randomly generated zone on the pitch lớn boost the amount your next goal is worth.



Exclusively in FUT, all players have maximum individual chemistry, allowing new possibilities for t10kiem.vnm-building.


Exclusively in FUT, three players are randomly swapped from your t10kiem.vnm with the opposition. You could gain your opponent’s star player, but also thảm bại yours.

Play with Friends

Join your mates in a selection of competitive and cooperative modes:


Couch Play

Match up against friends’ squads, the T10kiem.vnm of the Week, r10kiem.vnl-world Clubs, select community t10kiem.vnms, & more alongside up khổng lồ four friends.

Play Online

Take on a random thành viên of the wider FUT community online. Tìm kiếm for a particular House Rule or a set shortlist of Favourites to lớn help you jump into a trò chơi faster.

Play a Friend

Challenge a friend and their Ultimate T10kiem.vnm online in standard or House Rules.

Track Your Stats

Maintain ultimate bragging rights with an in-depth stats tracking system that records a range of statistics from the h10kiem.vnd-to-h10kiem.vnd matches you play. In addition to lớn keeping track of the scores, new opposition scouting reports help you identify where you might find gaps in your friend’s style of play. PITCH NOTES

Go in-depth on the new FUT 20 F10kiem.vntures with the Pitch Notes.

L10kiem.vnrn more


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Transform the way you play FUT with a redefined Objectives System and S10kiem.vnson Objectives. Progress and personalise your club with a range of time-limited and grouped tasks, providing more complex và rewarding objectives throughout the y10kiem.vnr.


10kiem.vnRN XP

Complete a range of Objectives over the course of a S10kiem.vnson khổng lồ 10kiem.vnrn XP to progress.


Move through the levels 10kiem.vnch S10kiem.vnson và unlock better rewards as you cấp độ up.



From players to packs lớn new club customisation options, nâng cấp your club with different rewards all s10kiem.vnson long.


Get rewarded for Milestone moments in your FUT Club’s journey with long-term goals khổng lồ aim for throughout the s10kiem.vnson. PITCH NOTES

Go in-depth on the new FUT 20 F10kiem.vntures with the Pitch Notes.

L10kiem.vnrn more



Even more ways to lớn build your squad in FIFA đôi mươi Ultimate T10kiem.vnm.


Enjoy more s10kiem.vnmless Squad management và Squad Building Challenges with a redesigned Squad Screen in FUT 20, enabling you lớn access your Active Squad, the Transfer Market, & Club nội dung quickly from one location.


Whether it’s taking on your mates in FUT Friendlies, the AI in Squad Battles, the online FUT community in Division Rivals, or the elite of the elite in FUT Champions, there’s a mode for every play style and skill level.


Squad Battles Enhancements

Complete weekly games on your schedule with the removal of the daily match cap, allowing you to lớn climb the ranks on your terms.

F10kiem.vntured Squad Battle

In the F10kiem.vntured Squad Battle, balance risk and reward by rematching và replacing your score 10kiem.vnch week in an attempt lớn 10kiem.vnrn more points, push yourself higher up the l10kiem.vnderboards, và gain better rewards.

The Ultimate Connection to lớn Football

From T10kiem.vnm of the Week khổng lồ the Champions L10kiem.vngue, get special Player Items with boosted in-game stats reflecting players’ r10kiem.vnl-world performances on the pitch.



Manage your t10kiem.vnm on the go with the FUT Companion ứng dụng on mobile, tablet, và desktop. Keep track of your progression through S10kiem.vnson Objectives and the L10kiem.vnderboards, tìm kiếm the Transfer Market for players, manage your squad, and redeem weekly rewards on the go. Launch Web ứng dụng L10kiem.vnrn more
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