Case Closed: 10 Things Only True Fans Know About The Kaitou Kid The Kaitou Kid is the secret identity of Case Closed"s main character, but there are plenty of things most fans don"t know about Kid.

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Case Closed follows the story of one Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa, a super-smart teenager who spends all his miễn phí time solving criminal cases, who eventually runs afoul of an organization that decides khổng lồ kill hlặng. But instead, they wind up transforming him into lớn a young child, who continues lớn try and solve cases while hunting down the organization.

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But when he’s not dealing with murder cases và battling the Black Organization, he occasionally đơn hàng with a certain phantom thief known as The Kaito Kid. But what vì we really know about Kid? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit as he’s one of Gosho Aoyama’s earlier creations. Read on to learn about Shinichi/Conan’s most formidable foe, và one of the most famous gentlemen thieves in anime.

Something that could easily elude casual Case Closed fans is that the Kaitou Kid got his own anime a while back. In fact, the character actually predates Shinichi Kuvì chưng and Case Closed by several years, as Gosho Aoyama’s first chapter of the manga released in 1987 in the pages of Weekly Shonen Sunday. This series was later adapted inlớn an anime series in the size of Magic Kaito 1412, which came out in the Fall of 2014. This series ran a full 24 episodes & brought us inkhổng lồ Kailớn Kuroba’s world.


It’s a little vague, but Kaito’s goal is fighting a shadowy organization that we’ve never actually known the name of. It"s referred khổng lồ as the "Magic Kaito Organization" in some circles but that seems like it implies Kaito lớn is actually running the group rather than fighting it. Fans have occasionally suspected this is the same group as the Blaông xã Organization, but in addition lớn the naming schemes being entirely different, writer Aoyama has confirmed this not to be the case. In any case, after learning this group killed his father because he refused to help them find the Pandora, a gem which can give sầu someone immortality, Kaito’s been working to lớn bring them out of hiding & shut them down.

When fans think of Lupin, they tend lớn view hyên in a lighter sense than most thieves because of his personality. Well compared to Lupin, Kaito’s somehow even less dangerous. His goal is to lớn find the Pandora gem before The Organization does khổng lồ foil their crimes.

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Everything he steals is focused around this goal, and when a gem isn’t the Pandora? He just gives it baông chồng. Though he’s still a thief, Kaito’s goal is much closer to saving the world & avenging his father rather than being self-serving.


Despite his name literally being Kaito, Kaito Kurocha is actually not the first Kailớn Kid. He isn’t even the second. His father Toibỏ ra Kurotía was the first Kaito Kid, taking on the role & performing capers for sometime before dying in a mysterious “accident”. The second Kaito lớn Kid was Toichi’s assistant, Konosuke Jii. He played as Kailớn khổng lồ try và lure out the people who murdered Toiđưa ra, before Kailớn took on the job for himself. Since taking on the job, he’s found Toichi’s secret room where all his Kaito Kid gadgets và tricks were, và learned more about the hidden world his dad was plunged inlớn.

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Sometimes you’re simply born inkhổng lồ your position. It certainly feels that way with Kailớn, because his mom was a thief long before he or his father was. Chikage Kurobố was originally known as The Phantom Lady. As a nhân vật of the people, Chikage would steal from massive corporations that made their money through shady means, so pretty much all of them, technically. Later in her career, she began stealing forgeries people were selling for money and giving them to lớn the police. After being saved by Kaito’s father Toibỏ ra, the two of them began dating.


Kaito lớn just so happens to look almost identical to lớn Shiniđưa ra Kuvì chưng, the lead protagonist of Case Closed. The most likely reason for this is that Aoyama really wanted that design to lớn take off, so he simply copied it over to the series he did alongside Magic Kaito. But it’s actually something that’s acknowledged in universe as well. Kaikhổng lồ has multiple times used this fact to his advantage, helping hyên ổn lớn get away despite not having a disguise handy. Like this, he’s even fooled Ran, Shinichi’s girlfrikết thúc.

Before Kaito lớn Kurobố became the Kailớn Kid, he specialized in magic tricks—he was great with sleight of hvà and illusionary tricks. As Kaito Kid, this ability seems lớn be turned up khổng lồ eleven. With proper preparation, he’s managed khổng lồ imitate dozens of different people.

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He’s able lớn subsume himself inlớn a role regardless of a person’s sex (he’s been a woman numerous times) or stature (he’s played everything from a maid to lớn an airline pilot). He’s even proven capable of looking lượt thích some children or playing his own rivals và enemies.


Normally, the most popular character of a television series is often a thành viên of the main cast. They might not be the main character, but they’re usually someone who’s in the show more often than not. But Kaito lớn Kid only makes sporadic appearances in Case Closed, as the story is about Shiniđưa ra stopping a massive crime organization, not some kid who steals stuff only lớn give it baông xã. Nonetheless, in everything from online polls lớn polls in Shonen Sunday where Case Closed is published, Kaito typically tends khổng lồ come in either first or second.

There are layers to lớn Kaito’s name. His last name, Kurocha, means “black feather”--referring khổng lồ how he’s always battling with the law. It’s also how one pronounces “clover” in Japanese—and there happens khổng lồ be a clover on his monocle. “Kaitou” means Phantom Thief in Japanese, & when the original Kaitou Kid began performing his art, he was referred to lớn as “International Criminal #1412”. After a reporter referred to lớn him as Kaitou 1412, their messily written handwriting was read as “Kaitou Kid”, thus leading us khổng lồ the birth of Conan’s greatest gentleman thief.

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Unfortunately, lớn this day there’s been no end to lớn Kaito Kid’s storyline. Aoyama began working on Case Closed in the early 90’s and it took off as an immediate hit, resulting in him shelving this storyline. Since then, the remaining chapters have been turned into two more volumes, one released in 2007 & another in 2017. Ultimately, if anyone holds the (totally correct) view that Kaikhổng lồ Kid is a better series và would want to lớn get an ending to lớn it, they’d have sầu lớn wait until Case Closed came to lớn an end. But with the series at over 1000 chapters và counting, people shouldn’t their hopes up.

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