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Dragon Ball Super: 10 Things You Need To Know About Kale The advent of more Saiyans in Dragon Ball is exciting, but there’s even more potential in the fact that Kale is a female Saiyan và extremely powerful.

Dragon Ball Super has done great work to lớn stack its cast full of incredibly powerful characters, both in terms of heroes & villains. Even though Goku & friends have faced off against the universe’s strongest, there are always new challenges that present themselves. Dragon Ball Super brings other universes inkhổng lồ the set and with them comes Kale & a few other Saiyans from Universe 6.

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The advent of more living Saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe is very exciting, but there’s even more potential in the fact that Kale is a female Saiyan. Accordingly, here are 10 things that you need khổng lồ know about Dragon Ball Super’s Kale.

The animation company, Toei, has always tried lớn have influence over Dragon Ball in various ways, some of which have been helpful và others have sầu been a detriment khổng lồ the series.

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To their credit, when Dragon Ball Super entered its Universal Survival arc & had the opportunity khổng lồ introduce new characters that were alternate takes on others, Toei latched onto lớn the idea of a "female Broly." Toei has always been a large supporter of Broly in general and this paved a way for them lớn get a different take on the character into the anime.

9 She"s One Of The Best Competitors In The Tournament Of Power

Dragon Ball welcomes lengthy sagas that puts everyone into a big tournament. This is a fun, restrained way to lớn showcase everyone"s strengths và see who"s the best. Dragon Ball Super"s Tournament of Power is one of the most exciting examples of this convention since it brings the best fighters from alternate universes into lớn the mix.

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Kale turns out to lớn be a serious asset in the tournament and she gets the most eliminations out of anyone outside of Universe 7"s team, with five. In the manga, Kale makes an even bigger impact and gets the most eliminations out of anyone.

Dragon Ball Super introduces two female Saiyans from Universe 6 with both Kale and Caulifla. There"s a very svào bond between these two right from the start, but there might be more lớn it. Kale refers to lớn Caulifla as "sis," but it seems lượt thích it"s more in a colloquial sense. What"s more telling is that later in the Tournament of nguồn, Kale calls Caulifla her "one and only," which seems to lớn imply they"re romantic partners. This relationship seems to lớn hold more water, but either way there"s an intense connection between the Saiyans.

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7 Her Specialty Is Speed

Kale is a svào Saiyan, but she’s a character who needs khổng lồ properly unlochồng her potential và figure out how lớn access the reservoirs of strength that are inside of her. It takes some time for Kale khổng lồ properly come out of her shell, but even when she’s in her timid state, she still shows a resilience in tốc độ. Even when Kale is weak và insecure, she’s able khổng lồ steal a pendant from Cabba and maneuver around individuals with no one noticing. Kale has many skills, but her speed is always going to aid lớn that.

It"s very interesting to see what kind of traumatic sự kiện or circumstances are involved in order to trigger a Saiyan"s initial Super Saiyan transformation. Vegeta and Goku are both helpful figures in terms of helping Universe 6"s Saiyans better understvà their powers, but Kale"s first Super Saiyan transformation is ignited through fear và shame over her inability khổng lồ help Caulifla. Caulifla"s being attacked by Pride Troopers & Kale"s transformation allows her lớn save Caulifla. Additionally, Kale’s first Legendary Super Saiyan transformation is triggered over her insecure feelings for Caulfila.

5 She"s Skilled In Fusion

The introduction of fusion khổng lồ the Dragon Ball universe is very exciting in terms of the massive power that it allows characters to lớn access. The đoạn phim games may overindulge in this concept, but it"s more of a rarity in the anime. That being said, Kale is one of the select few that resorts to lớn this measure. Kale uses the Potara Earrings along with Caulifla khổng lồ become Kefla. Kefla is by far one of the strongest characters in the series and she"s even able to lớn briefly hold her own against Ultra Instinct Goku.

Kale proves herself lớn be one of Dragon Ball Super’s strongest characters và she"s full of potential khổng lồ hit even greater heights. Despite this, she"s still a character who met a grisly kết thúc due lớn the events of the Tournament of Power nguồn. Kale performs well in the tournament, but she gets eliminated và Universe 6 as a whole gets erased by Zeno. Of course, Android 17 wishes for everyone who was erased lớn be brought baông xã khổng lồ life, but it"s still a traumatic experience that Kale goes through that could play a factor with her in the future.

3 She’s Universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan

What"s so interesting about Kale is that she"s clearly Universe 6"s equivalent lớn Broly, even if the anime never explicitly references this. Kale is a chất lượng character because her Berserker form is far more powerful than the standard Super Saiyan, but it’s a difficult state to gain control over. It"s safe khổng lồ qualify Kale as the Legendary Super Saiyan of Universe 6, which is such a contrast khổng lồ her standard personality. Kale"s base khung is weak, but in this heightened state she"s svào enough to give sầu Goku trouble.

The supplemental Dragon Ball materials have made some interesting decisions regarding Kale & while she has remained the same, they"ve sầu been able to dig deeper into lớn certain aspects of the character. In the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime, Kale gets taken over by Kamin and becomes "Tuffleized," much like how Baby Vegeta infected people in Dragon Ball GT. Some of the đoạn Clip games also giảm giá with her submitting khổng lồ Babidi"s magic & dark ki, providing a darker version of her through that context.

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1 Her Original Backstory Was Supposed To Be More Tragic

Toei came up with the character of Kale for Dragon Ball Super, but they initially pitched a different history for the female Saiyan. Kale was still supposed to be meek in nature, but this was a character trait that would have irritated the rest of the Saiyans of their universe, particularly Cabba. Kale would be the frequent subject of ridicule & once she"s forced khổng lồ turn Super Saiyan, it goes out of control & she becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan. Akira Toriyama liked the idea và kiến thiết of the character, but changed her past khổng lồ be friendlier.

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