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Jabra’s Elite 65t earbuds have been a worthy rival to Apple’s original AirPods & the go-khổng lồ alternative for people with an Android phone or whose ears didn’t accommodate the one-size-fits-most AirPod kiến thiết ever since their release. But Jabra took a long time delivering a follow-up, và in that time, we’ve sầu seen pretty much every consumer tech company take a swing (or two) at true wireless earbuds.

Now, Jabra has finally delivered an update in the $179.99 Elite 75t earbuds. With a new kiến thiết, better battery life, and noticeably improved sound chất lượng, there’s a lot to lượt thích about them. Even against a bigger field of competitors than ever before, the company stands out for getting so many things right.

Our đánh giá of Jabra Elite 75t

Verge Score 8.5 out of 10
Photo by Avery White / The Verge Despite the reduction in size, Jabra has increased battery life significantly. The company promises up to 7.5 hours of continuous audio playbachồng, and 28 hours of total running time if you count the extra charges from the case. That’s notably longer than either the AirPods or AirPods Pro and enough lớn get you through a coast-to-coast flight, even if my testing came closer lớn around 6.5 hours.

Jabra has improved the carrying case in a few convenient ways: it’s easier lớn open one-handed — the annoying latch is gone — và there’s now a USB-C port instead of Micro USB. The case lid closes magnetically, and the buds themselves are also firmly seated with magnets. You can shake the case all about or even knoông xã it against your other hand, và the earbuds won’t fall out. The one big miss is wireless charging, which is something you can get from the AirPods Pro & Galaxy Buds, in addition lớn also less expensive options lượt thích the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Airs. Jabra has suggested a wireless charging case is coming, but it has yet khổng lồ specify when.

Another thing Jabra has omitted from these earbuds is active noise cancellation. If you can get a good seal with one of the included sets of ear tips, the 75t does a nice job of noise isolation & quieting down your surroundings. But they can’t put you in a private bubble with your music or podcasts quite lượt thích the AirPods Pro or Amazon Eđến Buds, not khổng lồ mention what over-ear headphones lượt thích Bose or Sony offer.


Every smart device now requires you khổng lồ agree to a series of terms và conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s impossible for us to lớn read & analyze every single one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you have to lớn hit “agree” lớn use devices when we đánh giá them since these are agreements most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

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It’s possible to use the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds through traditional Bluetooth không dây pairing and without agreeing lớn anything. But upgrading the firmware (which sometimes adds new features), customizing the EQ, & adjusting other settings of the earbuds requires Jabra’s Sound+ tiện ích for either Android or iOS.

There are no agreements khổng lồ tap through in Sound+, but choosing Alexa as your preferred voice assistant subjects you to lớn Amazon’s terms of service and Alexa privacy settings.

Using the “Find My Jabra” feature requires always-on location access, as it tracks where you were when the earbuds last disconnected from your device. Jabra says this data is only stored locally.

Add it up, and you’ve sầu got no mandatory agreements but up khổng lồ three optional ones.

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Like its competitors, Jabra includes a way khổng lồ pipe in outside audio for situations where you need awareness of what’s happening around you. A press of the left earbud’s physical button activates HearThrough mode. With the AirPods Pro, transparency mode can make it feel lượt thích there’s a soundtrack playing in the background of your life in that moment; it’s almost lượt thích you’re not wearing earbuds at all. But HearThrough on the 75s sounds slightly less natural, so you thua that effect. If you need to have sầu a short conversation or hear an announcement, it still does the trichồng just fine. And you can customize just how much passthrough audio comes through, cranking it up or dialing it down khổng lồ your liking with the Jabra Sound+ smartphone tiện ích. But it’s not likely something you’ll keep on all the time.

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On each earbud is a single round button that’s easy khổng lồ find và doesn’t take much force to lớn press. But Jabra has crammed a lot of functionality inlớn those two buttons, & it’s easy to lớn get mixed up on what each one does. I appreciate the flexibility and will always prefer buttons lớn having a voice assistant handle tasks like adjusting volume, but the system takes some memorization.

Right earbud:

Press once: play / pause music or answer / end a gọi.Double press: activate Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa or reject a callPress và hold: volume up

Left earbud:

Press once: enable or disable HearThrough mode (or mute mic when on a call)Double press: next traông chồng (or enable sidetone — the ability lớn hear your own voice — when on a call)Triple press: previous trackPress and hold: volume down

One strength of the 75t earbuds is that they can be paired to two devices simultaneously, so you can have them connected to both your PC và phone in case a Hotline comes in. This luxury is fairly comtháng with standard Bluetooth wireless headphones, but it’s still something of a rarity for true wireless earbuds.

Phokhổng lồ by Avery White / The Verge Jabra has made impressive strides in audio quality with the Elite 75t. Like their predecessors, they’re limited to SBC & AAC codec support, but they have sầu a warm, crisp, and detailed sound signature. No one’s going to lớn gọi these neutral, however; bass gets such a boost that I found myself toning down some of the boom in the Jabra app EQ menu. Bombastic is definitely the word for the out-of-box low end you’ll get from these. Compared to their 65t predecessors, the 75t have sầu a more pleasing, nuanced sound with excellent instrument separation, & it’s easy enough lớn keep the bass in kiểm tra. The Jabra tiện ích lets you save different EQ preferences for general listening, commuting, và so on, so the earbuds can adapt to lớn pretty much any setting.

As for reliability, I experienced virtually no signal dropouts or unexpected behavior in my time testing three separate pairs of the 75t earbuds. Jabra has promised updates in the second quarter of this year, including a feature that will personalize the sound profile khổng lồ your own hearing. This idea has proven somewhat gimmicky in the past, but Jabra says it’s borrowing giải pháp công nghệ và expertise from sister company GN Hearing — a maker of actual hearing aids — so we’ll see. Also in the second quarter, you’ll be able khổng lồ use either the left or right earbud in mono mode; right now, only the right one can work independently.

Photo lớn by Chris Welch / The Verge If you’re not interested in Apple’s AirPods Pro or the similarly expensive Powerbeats Pro, the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds are yet again slotting in as the mặc định alternate piông xã. There are other options, but none with the same number of upsides. The Jaybird Vistas cost about the same & come in a wonderfully compact carrying case, but they don’t sound as good. Amazon’s Echo Buds are cheaper và have Bose’s noise reduction giải pháp công nghệ, but they can’t pair with two gadgets at the same time. The competition is only going to lớn grow fiercer over the next few months, so Jabra will have sầu a harder time staying at the top of the pile, but aside from adding active noise cancellation & wireless charging, it doesn’t have sầu much higher to climb.

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